Amanda Todd / MeowMix Fundraiser Update: Yaniv Tried To Shut it Down!

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In one of his most Scroogian moments yet, Jessica Yaniv Simpson tried to shut down the campaign to raise $1,000 for MeowMix and the Amanda Todd Legacy Society, calling it disgusting and and hateful. This from the 33-year-old that calls himself the next Amanda Todd on a regular basis, and has tried multiple times to fraudulently raise money for himself under charitable guises like Cops 4 Cancer.

Despite Yaniv’s efforts to literally prevent people from donating money to the ATLS ON AMANDA TODD’S BIRTHDAY , our campaign of love and kindness has been extremely successful to date, raising over $500 so far!

When I originally launched this campaign, I committed to splitting the first $500 equally between MeowMix and ATLS. Our portion will go towards server fees and other expenses. Every single penny raised after $500 goes straight to the ATLS, whether it’s $100 or $1,000,000 (GOALS!).

If you haven’t donated yet, please give it some thought. 2020 has been a devastating year for so many and I understand that many people simply aren’t able and I say this to every one of you – thank you for keeping the ATLS in your hearts, and MeowMix in your bookmarks.

To learn more about the Amanda Todd story, check out these videos from Carol Todd, Amanda’s mother. Her strength is inspiring, and her passion for ending cyberbullying and sexual exploitation is unending. This is truly a cause that I can get behind.

Show Your Support!

Check out the exclusive ATLS merch on the MeowMix store. 100% of profits from these items goes towards the $1000 goal and the ATLS.


Donate directly to our crowdfunding platform – the one Jessica Yaniv Simpson fought to shut down.

This cause really matters guys. It checks all the boxes in my mind. As a parent myself, I can’t imagine Carol Todd’s agony, and the strength she’s shown since is inspiring. As a founder of the MeowMix website, having spent as much energy as I have chasing Jessica Yaniv down and exposing his pedophilia and perversions, I find it appalling that this monster would call himself the next angel. And as a human being, looking out at todays world, where the monsters that used to hide in the dark are now stalking in the open and calling you a bigot if you don’t approve of them, we need to support campaigns like this.

I challenge everyone who has read this article to help us in one of two ways – if you haven’t already, make a small donation – even the $5 minimum. It helps. If you aren’t able to make a donation, we get it. 2020 has been a wild ride like none of us have seen before. Please consider sharing our campaign links on your socials. Help us reach our goals.

Last, but not least, thank you to everyone who has helped us get this far. Without you Yaniv would still be at his peak.

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