First the Langley Fire, Now A Shooting – Jessica Yaniv Simpson Chases Disaster for Attention.

jessica yaniv simpson

Yesterday, May 3, 2021, there was a shooting incident at a local mall in Langley, BC. It occurred shortly before 3:30 pm local time. By 5:30 pm local time Jessica Yaniv Simpson was on scene and livestreaming video. He walked 10 steps and was out of breath.

Before we go further….a shooting is a tragedy. Full stop. Gun violence is a serious problem and needs to be addressed. I’m not going to delve into the ins and outs of gun ownership or gun laws. I’m just saying that gun violence is obviously a problem and people like JY threatening to get guns to intimidate people are part of that problem.

I’m confident in speculating that JY was not there during the shooting. He would be much more vocal, he would have streamed it or taken pictures, and he’d be crying foul about the mall not protecting his safety. Frankly, he’d have shit his pants in terror.

Instead, it looks to me like Yaniv appeared well after the fact. Police tape is up. Everyone is settled and calm. There’s even other traffic passing by. My guess is Yaniv heard about the event and drove 12 minutes from his lonely one-room condo to the mall to try to be part of the excitement and get attention online. There’s no way in hell Yaniv would be this calm if he was present during actual danger. He was too chicken shit to leave his parkade when Chris Elston was standing outside his condo wearing a sign. He complains about needing police escorts and security everywhere he goes. If there was a real shooting he would be curled up in the fetal position.

Now contrast this against the real Jessica Yaniv Simpson:

  • November 2020: on a LiveMe stream, Yaniv says, “I’ll destroy you. I have multiple weapons here. That Denton should lock their doors tonight. They’re done. So is Jess Rumpel. I’ll blow their heads off. @JessRumpel DiE @ThatDentonDick ILL END YOUR LIFE”.
  • October 2020: threatens to kill Chris Elston, also sends a message to Bailey that Chris Elston will end up dead in a ditch. Charged with uttering threats.
  • October 2020, JY announces they own a 9 mm handgun and threatens to shoot Donald Smith with it. He says, “how nice it would be to see you as the latest shooting victim.” His text messages go on to add, “Come over and you’ll be shot in the head.” and “you’re digging your death sentence right now” (as if that makes any sense)
  • September 2020, tells Sara he can get a gun.
  • August 2020, Yaniv and Miriam call “Donald” (not actually Donald” and starts going on about how he owns multiple guns.
  • April 2020, via text:I’m selling caskets. You’re going to be in one soon. You can join that RCMP Officer in Nova Scotia”.
  • March 2020, to Langley Resident: “You’re going to hell bitch. Watch what I fucking to do you.”
  • January 2020: Yaniv assaults Rebel News reporter Keean Bexte outside a Surrey Courthouse
  • August 2019: Yaniv assaults David Menzies with a cane outside his condo.
  • July 2019: “Kitty, aka Sharon, you and your two girls should be very afraid.” (pic on MeowTube in the Threats folder)
  • Arrested in 2019 for possession of illegal weapons, currently on probation.
  • July 2019: Yaniv tweets, “Who says im unarmed? ;)”
  • Date unclear, I think August 2014: Yaniv posts on Instagram a meme about carrying a stun gun because a rifle won’t hit in his purse, and a comment to hit up another user for protective products. (pic on MeowTube in the Threats folder)
  • Yaniv also used to follow lists on Twitter discussing guns.

All of this is in addition to various random threats he’s made to the MeowMix group. We often laugh about it in our group chats and make fun of his weakness and bravado. It’s become one of our hobbies, to be honest. “ermahgerd don’t go all jessica yaniv on me” and then share a nerf gun gif, or a limp dick gif. His name is synonymous with weakness and impotence. He wants to seem dangerous, but his only “assaults” have been against people that baited him and wanted to lose. Anyone that wanted to fight back would have send Yaniv scurrying away while his diaper filled.

So was Jonny present during the shooting? Probably not. What’s more likely is that Yaniv heard there was something big going on and he raced over as fast as the overburdened hamsters spinning the wheels of his Nissan Kicks could go. This was just Yaniv’s way of trying to create content and appearing as if he’s in some kind of danger himself.

He’s so desperate for attention and sympathy that he uses other people’s tragedy to gather responses from people asking if he himself is ok. He did something similar at the beach last summer, and more recently when a building in Langley burned down. When a kid he didn’t even know overdosed in Langley, he held a fake candle vigil and posted pictures for attention. When fire broke out in a single condo in his building (two floors and several doors away), Yaniv posted video acting scared. When he found out he couldn’t profit from that tragedy, he sued the couple instead.

To wrap this up…Jessica Yaniv Simpson is a clear predator with violent tendencies and a violent past. They talk tough, although sooner or later someone will stand up to him and lay him on his ass. But in reality, they’re a lonely, desperate little boy, longing for attention. They’re angry and bitter and they hate the world. This makes it so easy to defeat him. All you have to do is smile and make fun of him. Predators hate when you do that.

jessica yaniv simpson

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