Yaniv Claims Poverty to Have Court Fees Waived

We all know Jessica Yaniv lies. Let’s preface this entire article with that.

We also know Yaniv abuses the court system like it’s his personal playground and he files dishonest applications to have fees waived, thus enabling him to abuse it further. Now we have proof.

The document below, sent to us by a MeowMix friend, was signed and sworn by Jessica Simpson, cementing the rumour that Yaniv has changed his name to Jessica Simpson. The document indicates he showed his BC driver’s license as identification.

There’s a link to the file below, and it will be saved in the MeowMix Library, but the details are easy to sum up:

  • He claims he’s having a hard time finding a job due to COVID. Ya, THAT’S the problem.
  • He claims $500/month income.
  • He claims approximately $3300 in monthly expenses, including $1200/month in credit card debt.
  • Despite having an 8-page resume, the only employment he lists on the document is being self employed at JY Knows IT.
jessica yaniv poverty claim

We’ll have more info on this soon, including a comparison to a past affidavit of the same type that includes very different information.

Don’t forget to check out MeowTube, our library of more than 4000 Yaniv pictures and videos.

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