THREATS AND MENACES: Yaniv Accuses Law Enforcement Of Breaking In, Threatens to Charge Them

jessica yaniv simpson

Seriously folks, if we sat here and tried to make shit up, we couldn’t come up with this crazy drama unfolding over at Chateau Yaniv. We’ll just leave this here.

Jessica Yaniv Simpson (JYS) has taken to Twitter and accused the Langley RCMP of burglary and threatens to have charge them (likely with an attempt via private prosecution). This will be fun.

JYS has already been accused of lewd and inappropriate conduct towards the Township of Langley’s (ToL) Fire Department, which these allegations are likely substantiated, as this is consistent with her incel behaviour. Since JYS has allegedly had surgery and post-surgery infections of her fancy new vagina, she has further engaged in a malicious campaign against ToL, where in my opinion, is more than attempts to likely to entrap first responders and accuse them of discrimination for future vexatious and frivolous human rights complaints. I believe JYS wants “collateral” to mitigate against the current and potential charges she’s facing, including the “breach of conditions” for not “keeping the peace”.

Just to refresh everyone that the officers are very much aware of the revolving door freak circus known as Jessica and Miriam Yaniv. Constable Safi Sharar was the officer who ironically fell for the falsified evidence where JYS manufactured the fake email to have Donald Francis Smith falsely imprisoned for a Breach of Conditions December 10, 2019.

To iterate, I personally met with Constable Sharar at Langley RCMP at the end of July 2020 where he was difficult and unreasonable at the time. I am sure with the further actions of JYS, it might not become as hard for him to reasonable see he had the wool pulled over his eyes, as several senior members of the Langley RCMP already believe the evidence was manufactured by JYS to malicious prosecute Smith. There is already an ongoing investigation into potential future charges, we’re hoping shall materialize, but is ultimately the decision of the BC Crown Prosecution Service.

It is also believed the unreleased “Victim Impact Statement”, which Meow Mix has been privy to read, was bullshitted by JYS to hype herself as a perpetual victim of . Given that the BC Crown Prosecution Service already told me that it would be up to the Langley RCMP to pursue charges against JYS regarding the false imprisonment of Smith in 2019-2020, how hard will it be now to point out to Sharar and MacDonald that there are elements of the Victim Impact and Police Statements were clearly falsified where the BC Crown Prosecution Service was concerned. I’ll provide you one example: JYS made the very same allegations against Smith and Amy Eileen Hamm in two separate “sworn” documents of being the photographer at the PNE in December 2019. The actual person behind the photograph was allegedly associated with JYS arch-nemesis Lindsay Shepherd. I will personally be giving this to Sharar and MacDonald for “collateral” against JYS this weekend.

Furthermore, on or around August 07, 2020, JYS with “her” mother in tow barged into the Langley RCMP headquarters equipped with a body camera. JYS made allegations against a female staff member (I believe it’s the bubbly administrator who nearly died laughing in July 2020 when I said I was there about JYS) and was further combative towards Sharar.

Corporal Peter MacDonald below is the supervising officer, whom Sharar reports to, which I can say had never returned my calls regarding the JYS manufactured email incident. Hence, it was why I escalated with Sergeant Barry Beales, who has clearly seen right through JYS’ bullshit.

jessica yaniv simpson

Add this to their complaints about the fire department, first responder services and other police staff. Prepare for another gong-show with JYS, as we’re in for a fun year folks!

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