Who is Behind the JYS Posters at Guildford Town Centre?

We just received word that a Community Safety Alert Poster was found at Guildford Town Centre in Surrey, BC roughly around 2:30 PM PST today warning patrons about Jessica Simpson Yaniv.

Is this a Halloween Prank? Meow Mix is curious who is behind it and what precisely is their beef is with JYS. So far, we’ve confirmed that no one in our pack locally has taken ownership over this.

This past week there were emerging allegations about JYS and a 12-year old that has not gone past twitter. It looks like the author has mentioned this incident here.

Moreover, there were some posters found in the vicinity of JYS’ residence that were up for over a week in July and August. The posters were up so long likely because JYS and “her” mother were out chasing “Sara the Catfish” in Greater Toronto prior to the discovery when returning home.

If anyone local like @langleyresident sees anymore posters locally, please take a snapshot and send to us for an update.

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