Q&A With WGKitty

Yaniv’s Neighbour, Nemesis, and the Inspiration for the Meow Mix Name

WGKitty – a nameless, faceless resident of the same strata as JY has been that ever-present thorn in Yaniv’s side that keeps him on his chunky troll toes. Are they the woman in the parkade? The man in the elevator? Maybe the teenager in the parking lot? Maybe it’s more than one person. Regardless, this person knows and sees Yaniv, but Yaniv can’t see them. That in itself is such a great reversal to Yaniv’s preferred position of power.

For ease of writing, I’m referring to WGKitty as female, mostly because it has a feminine sound to it, but I am not confirming any aspects of WGKitty’s identity – simply because I don’t honestly know who it is. WGKitty goes by @LangleyResident on Twitter, and Yaniv gets his tiny pecker in a knot every time he sees her.

August 8, 2019.

Jonny Yaniv visited KiwiFarms and attempted to counter troll the very people that had been exposing his every sin. He failed, and instead exposed himself even further to be a bully, a pervert, and an immature, powerless weirdo. He was targeting WGKitty, claiming he knew who she was and could kill her. Truthfully, the only thing Yaniv kills are nachos and women’s sex drives. Later, Yaniv made additional threats through his alleged “agent”.

Since then, WGKitty has only grown as a bigger and stronger force against Yaniv. Every time he leaves his apartment he needs to wonder if the face looking back at him is WGKitty. Every time he checks the mail, unlocks the door, gets in his car, one of those people in his line of sight is her. But who?

Without identifying yourself, tell us how you got started with Yaniv and how you know him. What was your first unusual interaction?

WGKitty: I first met Yaniv at the annual strata meeting. I thought he was a little bit off, he had some insane ideas. I forget all the details but he suggested everyone pays $20 a month for water leak monitoring service. He also ran for strata council and withdrew from the running after no one voted for him. The second you meet him he just comes off as being a little touched in the head. The first year he was dressed as a man and the second year he wore a ball gown to the strata meeting and went by Jessica. It was bizarre.

Yaniv has made threats against you online. What about in person?

WGKitty: No, he hasn’t threatened me in person. I’ve seen him a few times on the elevator and he hasn’t said anything to me. I walked past Miriam on the side walk like the day after she yelled “I know who you are WGkitty meow meow meow” at me. They have no idea who I am at all. He just says that to try and scare me away. I think he’s accused me of being 3 different people at this point in time.

This happened on August 8, 2019. It’s the day Rebel media posted their tell all on Yaniv. I got home from work, sat in my living room to watch the Rebel media report when I heard yelling. Yaniv was swearing at Miriam about the redecorating they were doing in his place so I pulled out my phone to record it. I posted it on KF and like 15 minutes later an ambulance shows up and goes to JY’s condo. JY doesn’t go with the ambulance and I overhear the paramedics complaining about having their time wasted. After the paramedics go JY and Miriam come out from the side of the building and Miriam starts screaming “come out WGkitty meow meow meow. I know who you are WGkitty meow meow meow. I have cameras I have seen you etc etc”. While Miriam is doing that JY has called 911 back and is demanding they sweep the building for me. They eventually head back inside and Miriam heads out to JY’s balcony to start yelling at everyone who enters the building. Later that night is when JY registers his account at KF and threatens to kill me.

Does Miriam know who you are?

WGKitty: No Miriam has no clue who I am. I have walked past her on the street and she didn’t say anything. She has no clue.

Are you worried he may hurt you or your family?

WGKitty: If he knows who I was I think he would try something stupid. However I invite him to try. It would end hilariously badly for him just like everything else in his life.

How did you start using the name WGKitty, and the catchphrase “meow” in your interactions with Yaniv?

WGKitty: For the WGkitty name WG = Walnut Grove (the suburb where we live) and kitty is just because cats are funny. Meow is from when Miriam was meowing at the building saying she knew who I was. I posted quite a few details the night it happened on KF. For those who don’t know, it all kicked off after I recorded Yaniv yelling at her over decorating his place.

I heard you often meow at him out the window. Has he ever heard this? That must be hilarious

WGKitty: This is a new thing I started doing. I was going to yell out the window at him about his weapons charges but then decided it was funnier to meow at him. Oh I’m certain he did and that’s why he started retweeting me. I meowed at Miriam last night (Dec 17th) during the ambulance thing but she is so deaf I doubt she heard.

Yaniv erupted against you on KiwiFarms. What did you think of that?

WGKitty: Tt was bizarre. I’ve never fucked with someone until the point that they blow up like that. It was hilarious but I really appreciated people concerned for my well-being. I will admit that I moved a golf club to be by my bed while I slept that week although that was pretty irrational. He doesn’t know who I am.

You live in his building obviously. How often are the police, fire dept, or medics there?

WGKitty: Paramedics and police seem to come in waves. For the first few years he lived here I didn’t notice anything unusual. One night I was was reading his Twitter about having an ambulance called to the building for him and getting in it. I saw that ambulance come and it was for an older woman in the building, not JY related at all. That’s the night I registered on KF to call him on it. As the BCHRT hearing ramped up the ambulance and police did too. There were two weeks straight where they came every night. After the hearings ended they kind of stopped coming. Recently they have picked back up again I’m guessing because he’s in real court now.

Do you see him with any physical disability? Not all disabilities are visible, but he’s made some pretty big claims.

WGKitty: I mean, I’ve seen him on the scooter but I did pull a little prank on him this summer while he was riding all around on the scooter. I posted a picture online of a sticker that I claimed I put on the building (I actually didn’t) and saw him get out of his scooter to run around the building looking for it. I also saw him walk up a flight of stairs. I think it’s just laziness and attention seeking.

This is the sticker. I couldn’t find the image I posted saying it was on the building but he has his name on all these streets around Langley saying he is responsible for cleaning them. So I made these originally to go on his signs. He actually took this one with him to BCHRT and showed it to the judge.

How often does Yaniv have company?

WGKitty: Never see anyone else go in. There was that blonde girl I saw and I think she ended up doing her own tell all but that is it.

The blonde girl was Katie, and she’s since learned everything about Yaniv and is horrified. She’s also in contact with the police.

WGKitty: I saw that! I’m really glad she learned the truth about him. Those text messages he sent her were so cringy.

What are your thoughts on Yaniv’s camera?

WGKitty: Well I really hate the idea that some creep is watching me leave and enter my own building. There are also kids in the building and you know how he is about children.

Can you give your opinion – and I stress that its an opinion only – on Yaniv’s medical conditions and disabilities?

WGKitty: It’s pretty obvious he’s making it all up. He went on for a month about how he has cancer but suddenly stopped talking about it and doesn’t bring it up anymore. He said at the time he was blacking out but when it turned out one of the women he was suing has epilepsy he switched from cancer to epilepsy so that he could have it too. Then the video surfaced of him having a seizure while grabbing for his phone mid episode. There is the scooter and as I’ve mentioned I’ve seen him walk up stairs. His medical conditions are just drains on the system. Have you ever met a 32 year old man with a life alert bracelet?

I do believe there are some things wrong with him, but largely due to an unhealthy lifestyle. There is pretty good confirmation that there is some sort of brain issue but its not debilitating.

WGKitty: I agree he has some sort of mental health problem. I am not qualified at all to diagnose it but I think he has high functioning autism at the very least. He seems to have a lot of problems with social interactions.

Yaniv likes to view himself as powerful and strong – the type of person that can ruin your life with his skills and connections. Do you agree?

WGKitty: If he had such wonderful skills and connections why is he working at a liquor store slinging samples? He maybe at one point had family friends through his parents but I can’t imagine they can still stand the guy. He is toxic. Who is going to stick their neck out for JY at this point?

You mentioned he was in a ball gown. I’ve seen pictures in a tiara. I’ve also seen pictures where it looks like he’s wearing the same moomoo as Miriam wore another day. What do you think of his fashion sense?

WGKitty: Well his clothing choice always falls into one of two categories. Sometimes he’s putting in zero effort into his clothes. He walks around looking like a man and gets offended when people identify him as a dude.

The other is if he wants to look like a woman. If an alien had never been to earth but had access to the Wikipedia article for women’s clothing I imagine that alien would dress like JY when he wants to look like a woman.

He looks like a man naturally except with fried blonde hair. He just looks like a fat man in a free shirt. His walk and stride and voice is like that of a man too so yeah, he just looks like a fat man.

The cops come often, and medics, but you’ve never actually seen an actual emergency? no violent people beating his door down or heart attacks or strokes?

WGKitty: No, there has never been anything. I’d say half the time the ambulance leaves without JY in it, 30% of the time he walks into the back and the rest he’s stretchered in but conscious and talking to paramedics. For the cops coming, I think it’s just wellness checks that Miriam calls in. You can tell they’ve got a bit of a system of making it go as quick and easy as possible now. Always two cars show up buzz up and are gone within 15 minutes.You can’t even get up to his door. You need a fob to get into the building then to fob again to get the elevator to his floor.

He claims theres death threats against him often, people throwing things at his window, etc. nothing youve ever experienced or witnessed?

WGKitty: I have seen nothing thrown at his window. We had some kids egg the building once and JY called 911 over that but that’s more kids being kids rather than a targeted attack. He has had a camera pointing at the entrance forever. If people are throwing stuff at his balcony why has he never posted these pictures?

Did you see the death threat that was emailed to him this summer? It was so obvious he just emailed it to himself

We’ve seen a few and posted some to MeowTube. They’re very clearly fake. One was almost complimentary in a way.

I thought the strata told him to remove the camera. What gives?

WGKitty: He’s been told twice now to remove cameras. Once the camera was outside his door to the hall and the other time it was on the balcony pointed at the door. The difference is that the outside of the door and balconies are strata property so have a lot more power with telling people what they can and cannot have. The current camera is inside his unit on top of his AC unit so I think strata would struggle to get him to remove it. You can see the camera here.

It speaks to his arrogance that he thinks hes important enough that people would target him, and to his paranoia and insecurity that he thinks he needs a camera to hide behind.

WGKitty: Same with that RCMP guard he gets to go to Surrey court. Umm sorry Yanny, no one is going to attack you going to court.

He claimed in the Manda logs that he has bodyguards and security officers hired as soon as he steps out of his door.

WGKitty: This is not true. There is no one here. I see him walking around by himself. I even saw him slinging samples in the liquor store one day.

What is he like as a neighbor?

WGKitty: Yaniv is actually mostly quiet, although the building is really well sound proofed. I think if I didn’t get as much entertainment from the constant stream of ambulances, fire trucks and police I’d be pretty annoyed. He does smell pretty bad though. It’s not pleasant being on the elevator with him, he leaves a bit of a lingering body odor. He’s also a total nightmare for strata council, lodging non-stop complaints. His balcony is also a complete mess, so much crap on it. I don’t really see him enough to know of any funny habits he might have. He is as a I mentioned kind of a home body so you don’t see him all that much.

We’ve heard tales about Yaniv’s crazy complaints to your strata. Have you seen these?

WGKitty: The second year he came in a ball gown. We also had a surplus so voted to install some better bike racks, he threw a hissy fit saying that he wants bike users to pay for it. There is a small aluminum fence on the side of the building that breaks frequently. We all think it’s just poorly designed and breaks from normal use but JY advocated getting a giant security system ($100k) to point cameras at the fence to find out who keeps breaking it. He has more ideas like that which are just bizarre like he can’t think critically.

As for bizarre strata complaints there are quite a few about me. Strata has said they can’t do anything. He also threatened to sue strata because he says the elevator damaged his mobility scooter. He also wanted a lock box installed outside the building with keys to the building so first responders could get to his unit.

Oh, did I mention he threatened a member of strata council over Twitter?

No, do tell!

WGKitty: He put a camera outside his door and one woman who lives with us took a picture of it to submit it to strata as a complaint. This set him off and he accused her of being me as well as threatened her daughters. JY also said he knows she is complaining to the strata council me member on the floor and he’s going to make both their lives a living hell.

In closing, I like to ask everyone if they have a message to Yaniv. We know he reads this site and cries himself to sleep. What would you say to him?

WGKitty: Johnny, I’ll keep watching and reporting. Meow.

Since then, WGKitty has been an ever present watcher of Yaniv on Twitter, always a thorn in Yaniv’s side, and impossible for Yaniv to ignore. Yaniv, the not-so-great-and-mighty, gets beaten by an anonymous ghost in his own halls on a daily basis, forcing him to look over his shoulder at every step.

Yaniv is likely to call 911 and report this post, and we’d like to apologize to first responders in advance.

If you want to hear more about the insane world of Jessica Yaniv a.k.a Jessica Simpson look no further.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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