Legal Update – Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs….Everyone?

It’s getting real hard to keep track of everything Jessica Yaniv Simpson is up to in court these days, but we’re here to help. In case you need a refresher…

It’s getting really hard to keep up with all of his antics but that’s what we’re here for.

Before I get into the details, I want to thank everyone for their financial support to MeowMix. These docs are adding up. The information today alone worked out to about $50 in CSO fees. Maybe we can file for the same poverty status as JY and start getting our docs free?

If you’d like to support MeowMix, you can do so in two ways!

  • MERCH! You asked, we delivered. Check it out here. We set the prices low and we make about $5 profit from every sale – about what it costs to get one court document. You can even buy your cat MeowMix gear! Buy a MeowMix mask in case you get too close to JY!
  • Crowdfunding. I’m going to keep this running. Some people prefer to donate $5 or $10 instead of a $20 t-shirt and we’re SO grateful for that support guys. Click here.

I risk sounding like the last 4 minutes of a Rebel Media video but please consider supporting MeowMix. Thank you!

Moving on to the updates…

First, the Choo’s. Yaniv sued them for malicious acts and claims they intentionally set off the sprinklers in their condo, causing water to teleport into his floor. A certificate of service has been filed on CSO, so I suspect the Choo’s have been served Yaniv’s lawsuit. If they read this, please email me. I am preparing a package for you to help you fight Yaniv.

jessica yaniv simpson vs choo's

Next up, JY vs the Aestheticians. Same story there – it appears they may have been served, but I’m curious what the “amends #4” means. We’ll find out and let you know.

JY vs Rebel Media…I’m still confused on this and I’m waiting for some more information. It appears that JY filed a claim on Sept 9 and then filed a requisition on Sept 10 to adjourn his own claim. What could he be up to?

JY vs Bexte and Menzies…it appears there was some documents served and an order made on Sept 9. I will get details soon and advise.

And finally, JY vs Donald. What a shitshow. I’m not going to get into the weeds on this one. We’ve done that in another article here. Yaniv has taken the additional step to schedule a Trial Management Conference between himself and Donald for October 15, and filed a new application to have Kari Simpson barred from appearing with Donald at the BC Supreme Court hearings. We have these documents in the document library in the Donald Smith folder.

The above application is for BC Supreme Court. Below is another one for BC Provincial Court. Note that Yaniv says a few things that are blatantly false, such as accusing Kari of photographing the courtroom and attacking the judge because of his sexual orientation.

Donald really needs some legal support. Kari has been great at helping Donald but I think we’re at a point where a lawyer is needed. There’s too much vitriol in the LGBT community that can be weaponized against Kari Simpson, and in turn Donald. The sad part is that Donald, with his disabilities and struggles in life, can’t afford a lawyer or the support he needs. This is why Yaniv has targeted him. If you know anyone in the BC legal community that can help Donald please reach out.

Re: MeowMix meme contest. Guys, I know I’m behind on this. August and September now have been craziness! I hope I can catch up soon. If Yaniv would get a real job instead of loitering at the courthouse like a blob of old gum stuck to the floor I would have a lot more free time on my hands to do this!

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