Legal Updates: Miriam Yaniv vs Strata, Jessica Yaniv Simpson Assault

Jessica Yaniv Simpson Assault

Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s criminal trial for his alleged (but caught on video) assault of Keean Bexte is scheduled for this week – June 25, 2021. A last minute application was filed and heard today, June 21, in which we believe Yaniv requested that the trial be delayed so he had time to train up his service dog.

This application to adjourn is contested by Crown.

Update 1:

The application was adjourned and will be heard by a Judge Tuesday, June 22, 2021. I am not positive on the reason but I believe it was due to the Crown Prosecutor being unavailable today.

Update 2: 5 PM PST June 22, 2021

CSO was updated to show that the trial was Cancelled. The MeowMix team investigated this and we have confirmed that Yaniv was GRANTED his application to adjourn the trial temporarily. A conference is set June 25 to set a new trial date.

Miriam Yaniv vs Strata

I guess Legal Flunkie and Lifelong Failure Jessica Yaniv Simpson realized he fucked up his application for Miriam – the one where he was her legal advocate. Now he’s a co-plaintiff, and claims he’s an equal victim because (get this!) he is “also hearing impaired” and “rents a portion of the residence for office space”. Jon probably thinks he outsmarted the defense counsel on this one but his case is still dead in the water, and he’s exposed himself and Miriam to legal risk if a Judge scrutinizes these documents.

jessica yaniv simpson
miriam yaniv

First, Jon is claiming he rents part of Miriam condo for office space. The condo occupied by Miriam and Ilana. Far away from his own desk, supplies, computer, etc. Right.

That will hold up in court real well. I’m sure Jon and Miriam will forge receipts – that’s the easy part. But the real paper trail won’t hold up. Nor will it hold up to scrutiny if anyone asks why he didn’t declare that expense on any of his indigent applications.

There’s several different ways the Yaniv con clan can spin this, from saying rent is $1 or exchanged for services, but I don’t really think it’s important because the case is dead in the water anyways and the Yaniv’s will be forced to withdraw.

When the Strata defense filed their reply last week they painted Jon and Miriam into a very uncomfortable corner. Their options are:

  • Push the case through to trial and win. Virtually zero chance of success.
  • Push the case through to trial and win. Unlikely it would make this far, but they would lose. Defense has asked for costs plus a 10% penalty (10% of JY’s ask, which was $30,000).
  • Push the case through and a judge dismisses it. A judge could then grant costs.
  • Withdraw the case, and a Judge may invoke what I am calling the Donald Clause – the defense may be invited to apply for costs.

You guessed it guys….Jonathan Yaniv is still an idiot.

Side tangent…by making up this story about subletting office space in Miriam’s condo, JY and MY may have inadvertently said they are violating strata bylaws and subjected Miriam to strata fines. There’s also the chance that the same judge that seized himself of JY’s other cases may jump on this one too.

[mdocs single-file=”20210621 – MY and JY vs Strata – Amended Application.pdf”]

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