Kabob Part 3 – Scaredy Cat Yaniv

Jonny is afraid. He is afraid that he will not get a fair trial in a timely fashion. He wants the trial expedited and fully expects the court to acquiesce. Except,  Jonny this is the BC court system which, unlike the BC
Health System does not countenance queue jumpers even if they claim to be Metis. He has devoted almost 40 per cent of his reply to this demand.

We surmise it is because he realizes that this case differs from his previous exhortative lawsuit attempts and that he is running out of manoeuvring room and time. Surprisingly, it has little to do with the
Islamophobic and growing community awareness and publicity. In the past, whenever his victims chose to fight back, Jonny would withdraw the action before the trial but after the procedural settlement
conference. If he withdrew before trial, he would not chance losing and be on the hook for costs and penalties. His victims were often out thousands of dollars in lawyers’ fees and costs. This time, his victim chose to not only fight back but to countersue, thereby eliminating the option to withdraw. Jonny has now realized that if he loses, he loses everything, which would explain clause 21, which accuses Mr. Peroz of “perfidious litigation”. From the continuous attempt to educate the court throughout the entire document to questioning the competence of Mr Peroz’s lawyers (clause 32) and the endless repetition of peripheral case law, you can smell his desperation, and we are not just talking about his normal body odour. Any first-year law student knows you meticulously research and then use the best example, not ALL possible examples.

He continuous to attack Mr Peroz claiming in clause 30 that Mr Peroz has failed to substantiate his allegations (not true) and asking for the countersuit to be dismissed to accusing Mr Peroz of forum shopping and harassment (clauses 46-48), also not true, but very true of Jonny’s behaviour. Reading through the clauses, it is hard not to laugh. For example, in clause 14, he asks for the counterclaim to be dismissed because it is vexatious. (He asks for it to be dismissed again in clause 61) or clause 12, where he accuses Mr Peroz of abusing the court process for ulterior motives. Sounds more like Jonny’s legal history since 2016. The absolute laugh out loud moment came in clause 33, where Jonny proclaimed himself to be a dutiful agent of the court’s invaluable resources. You have to wonder how he will reconcile that claim with the fact that at one time, he had close to 100 private lawsuits launched primarily because the local RCMP would not charge people on whom Jonny wanted to be charged. All those applications were rejected when reviewed by the court, which agreed with the RCMP, much to Jonny’s fury.

One interesting take from his verbal diarrhoea is that he is ultra scared that Mr Peroz has any information from us and is demanding the Judge ban any evidence from third parties. This means he also couldn’t rely on Miriam’s evidence when he was out of earshot. You have to love him for self fucking.

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20 Replies to “Kabob Part 3 – Scaredy Cat Yaniv”

  1. Jack Yaniv is not dead

    This is why jack Yaniv faked his own death, he knew she should have swallowed him instead. He’s been cursed ever since with a life long man-child that will never amount to anything. Jack is very happy with his new family and goes to show you that Jon (his son) was never wanted by anyone. This is why Jon tries to sue anyone, he’s so pathetic that it’s the only way he can get people to talk to him.

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    1. Vote ppc

      It would be funny if he ditched them instead of likely being another Robert Franklin “Bob” Chandler Jr.


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      Fuck This Comment 1
  2. @fasterpussy

    How, how on earth can someone have closed down over 100 frivolous lawsuits and not be declared a vexatious litigant? How? When the waxing debacle hit it was proven that they lied in court to gain financial gain. Him and his haggard hatchet faced mother both lied under oath! I rewatched Blair’s interview with them the other day and she said something like “ in life we are judged by our actions and how they affect other people and you are hurting other people” it was a great interview and John just sounded idiotic and vapid no structure to the points they say they were trying to make. I truly believe they put so much legal for Apple into these court documents in the hope that people will be baffled by the word salad and will just let him win. As you say, if I was writing an essay, and I wanted to cite examples, I would find the best and most successful cases to strengthen my argument. Nothing has any substance, it doesn’t read right. It’s like they’ve regressed, they are where they were 4 years ago, still preying, still perving, still attacking innocent people and causing them mental harm, anguish and trauma. How many more people will this person be allowed to hurt, how many lives will be irrevocably ruined before someone, finally does something to stop this monster intimidating people and using the courts to punish and gain money. 4 years I’ve been following this and now we are back to the vile filth posted inline and sock accounts created solely for the purpose of hurting and intimidating his victims. Enough is enough. Stay strong meow mix team, cause we all think you’re amazing. I wish his victims all the luck in the world and I will send out messages to the universe for karma to come to those who would do these things, and rest there a while meting out justice. These cases have all been planned and set up to make money and the sooner the courts prevent this, the better for everyone.

    Hell Yeah 14
    1. Anonymous

      Agree. I am a simple person. I have another question. How can it be legal that any court not follow the laws that they are there to uphold in the first place? Would that not be considered illegal? To anybody except for our cretin. As in, the price of a pair of shoes is $1.99. I go to the store and refuse to pay the entire price. I want to only pay $1.00. Is the store legally obliged to give them to me because I DEMAND it be so? It is just too much fun and too easy to fuck with him. I will give him a hint for life: The key to everything you J is words. Words have meanings. Words can not be used inappropriately to compose fallacious statements. If you do you only have yourself to blame when nobody understands what you are saying. How would he feel if somebody called Rexy Fido? Same thing.

      1. @fasterpussy

        I am always saying this to my daughters. My eldest aged 13 spoke out of turn to a friend and actually really upset a member of staff at her school. I worked there at the time, she is ASD but it doesn’t mean she can’t understand this concept. She does understand it but typically a teenager she’ll often open her trap not drop it or keep digging herself in there. Anyway, I tell my girls that words are weapons and have the to do great harm. That once those words are out there, that’s it, over and done and she won’t be able to take them back. They are weapons that leave deep and long lasting wounds.

    2. nNANcy

      I never understood how there was no declaration of being vexatious against Jethro either. It was pointed out the court cannot initiate that status but it must be sought out by another party. Over the years and with all the lolsuits nobody else has tried to nail that on Jethro. I find that odd. But, maybe people are simply relieved when Jethro drops his lolsuits against them they are glad to call it a day and get on with their life the thought of having him declared vexatious isn’t worth it to them.
      I can certainly see someone targeted multiple times by Jethro as having him declared vexatious, Well, finally Peroz is seeking the vexatious ruling and it will destroy Jethro’s ability to weaponize the law against the innocent. Can you imagine if EVERY single one of his frivolous suits suddenly requires endorsement before it can be filed? Immediate dead in the water. I don’t know if being labelled vexatious is only applied to small claims or all suits brought in BC. It makes sense all suits would be covered. It would be a bonus if BCHRT hearings are also included but I doubt it. The beauty of small claims is the ruling should be immediate, both the fact that Jethro loses his suit against Great Kabob, loses the countersuit from Peroz and is found vexatious all in 1 glorious afternoon. The look on the fat bloated face of of Jethro is going to be priceless. I really hope someone very discreetly manages to grab a picture of the abject horror. BADA BING BADA BOOM. I’m going on standby and if a cheap flight becomes available I’m heading west to watch it first hand. Really rare opportunities like this don’t come around very often.

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  3. Vote ppc

    Acerthorn is another example of this, as he also tried to abuse the courts for financial gain and has gotten away with not being declared a vexatious litigant.

    Unlike yaniv there is no evidence he is a sex criminal despite being outed as a massive sexual deviant, but he did stab his father in the face because something happened with the internet and said father accurately told the retard that the worthless contract demanding fast reliable internet that he made him sign is worthless.

    Acerthorn will likely get declared a vexatious litigant when Sidalpha is done with him.

    1. Njord

      Wasnt Acerthorn already declared a vexatious litigant and cant file more than one lawsuit per 3 months in his home district? Which was the reason that he started to file them in other districts to transfer them over to his home district.

  4. Anonymous

    I just looked up the word perfidy. Now I know what it means. I did not until I read this article and then googled its meaning. It took me 8 seconds. I timed it. If I was going to sue somebody I would make certain I knew what it meant before I used it on a legal document. I don’t use words I don’t understand. Which is why I say I have no words for how hilarious I find what Jon has done again.

    “Better to remain silent and. be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.” Abraham Lincoln

    1. @fasterpussy

      Always look up words if I don’t know what they mean. I like reading, keep a thesaurus dictionary by me for reference. Always have. It’s one of my things, don’t have to on my kindle but what reader doesn’t prefer a real book in their hands?

      1. Anonymous

        Absolutely!!! I love to see a new word, look it up and then see how it fits into the sentence. It is like a gift every single time. And there will NEVER be a substitute for books for me. I miss going into book stores and browsing, finding treasures here and there.

  5. Vern Thurston

    Defamation is a statement that in effect lowers the claimants reputation in the eyes of a reasonable person. Yaniv made public statements that slandered the reputation of The Great Afghan Kabob restaurant. Yaniv claims they refused a Service Dog Team into their Restaurant; is Rexy a Service Dog? No, he is a companion animal. Rexy is not a Certified Service Dog. Yaniv made a false claim that was published. Defamation is encouraging people on Twitter and other outlets to not go to the Restaurant based on a false claim. There was no truth or justification in Yaniv’s claim because Rexy isn’t a Service Dog. Even Service Dogs in training aren’t allowed in Food Establishments where other businesses can allow the training to be on the premises. Yaniv had a Racist fuelled Scam planned. Be refused access, he even sent Miriam in ahead to make sure he would be refused. The Scam was on, bust in with poor Rexy. Make a huge fuss about a Medical Emergency, when a Convenience store is what a reasonable person would choose for a quick snack. No, sit down and read a menu, order and wait, some Emergency?? The Court will hear Mr. Peroz’s complaint, he deserves his day in Court to prove Defamation with both elements of Libel and Slander used to ruin his Restaurants reputation.

    1. nNANcy

      The only thing I want to remind people about is the recent ruling in Canada that truth is no longer an absolute defense. That’s how far this one glorious country has fallen.

  6. Trevor Dunen

    Two words- Vexatious Litigant. End of story.

  7. Trevor Dunen

    Hey Meowmix, sorry to be a pain but the three pages you have published above of Jonny’s ridiculous response filings will not load and if you hit higher magnification you cannot read it because it’s blurry, can you make it so it’s downloadable or email me a copy, it’s comedy gold and I simply must read it.

    1. Jay

      I have the same problem. Unable to read any of the clauses. Good job Meow Mix explained what some of them said or I would not have known what was going on.
      For some reason the document pages are not loading either. Have 505 coming up instead.

  8. 377

    One interesting take from his verbal diarrhoea is that he is ultra scared that Mr Peroz has any information from us and is demanding the Judge ban any evidence from third parties.

    Of course he’s scared just as he panicked when some of the waxers wanted to introduce some of his racist and sexually perverted tweets. Look how that ended, Devyn quoting some in her summary.

    I can’t open up the bulleted points but from your notes I notice he’s trying to discredit Mr Peroz’s lawyers. Another failed BCHRT tactic, which, again, Devyn quoted in her summary.

    Allard Law 🙂

  9. MrEd

    What is the Kabob court activity tomorrow ?

  10. Transwidow

    Johnny wants Res Judicata applied to dismiss the complaint? Bwahahaha! This is the first time you’ve sued this dude and the first time he’s countersued you. There is no previous decision for Res Judicata to be hung upon. Whatta maroon.

    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      Do you have a screenshot?

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