JY Sues Donald, Fees Waived Again!

JY already countersued Donald, and has now launched another lawsuit against him.

The list keeps getting longer folks. I can’t imagine how much anger is in little JY’s head. What a miserable existence they must have.

On March 17, at the same time as JY filed a lawsuit against Kari Simpson, she launched another lawsuit against Donald Smith, a person Yaniv has bullied and abused for months.

The full document is available in the Meow Mix Legal Doc Library, and summarized below.

It starts with Yaniv falsely claiming to be a victim of Donald. Yaniv has repeatedly called Donald repulsive names, like retard. It’s interesting in many ways that Yaniv is so quick to attack Donald’s mental health but so defensive when others attack her own. Hypocrite much?

There’s nothing new in the claim. Yaniv essentially says Donald is bad, posts mean videos, and $30,000 would make it better.

Of course, Yaniv made up a different reason why the fees should be waived this time. Leave it to JY to come up with the most snaky ways to get out of court fees. This is how JY abuses the court system – by lying to get out of paying document fees, over and over and over again.

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