Alleged Violent Offender Jessica Yaniv Simpson Weasels Yet Another Adjournment until February 17, 2021

Today at 2PM PST, Court 100 informed us that the Jessica Yaniv Simpson matter was adjourned until February 17, 2021. Apparently, from what I could ascertain over the poor audio was it had to do with Yaniv’s defense, as confirmed by A. Baird from Court 100 at Surrey Provincial Courts.

Yaniv was caught on video uttering death threats and then falsely calling in the report to Langley RCMP regarding activist Chris Elston. This was but the first threat of uttering harm about Chris Elston, as depicted from my conversation with the alleged predator in March 2020 via Facebook.

It appears that Drea Humphreys of Rebel Media and Donald Francis Smith from News Now Canada Independent Media were also in attendance virtually today.

Sadly, we have alleged dangerous predator and serial offender Yaniv allegedly preying on single mother’s with prepubescent daughters, as evidenced again on LiveMe last night. There were screams needing weed and other incoherence likely impaired by Yaniv’s alleged addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Stay tuned until February 17, 2021 at 9AM PST.

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