JY’s Sudden Change of Heart Towards Emily (LOL)

If you missed it, 18-year-old social media star and trans icon Emily Tressa virtually sat down with Meow Mix to share her experience about JY harassing her. Check that out here if you missed it.

One key thing to take away from that is Emily blocked JY on Twitter and moments later received this from him on Snapchat:

“I don’t know what i did that you’d block me on Twitter? I think you’re chill and an awesome person for trans people to look up to…..Emily, it’s your videos and courage that help me, and others to go through GRS.”


The full message is below, but you can clearly see that Yaniv adores Emily. To further support that, a quick search of Yaniv’s history on Twitter shows he “liked” dozens of Emily’s posts, usually her pictures.

However, literally a few hours after our Meow Mix chat with Emily, Yaniv had this to say on Twitter:

“Um ew, I would never be interested in Emily given her personality. Sorry, but no.”


Forgive me, but I’m going to rant after you look at this picture.

I said this on Twitter yesterday and I’ll say it again today – JY would lick the soles of Emily’s shoes just to taste her walk of life. Emily Tressa is the trans icon that JY never will be. She’s beautiful, has REAL followers, she’s intelligent, and far more in touch with society and trends than JY ever could be.

Where JY is an overgrown child-loving racist pervert, Emily is a courageous, accepted, accepting inspiration.

Where JY has to buy followers and run scams online, Emily has real followers and a promising future.

JY whined to Emily about his “haters” and people being “transphobic”. What does he have to say about Emily? Is this young trans woman a transphobic hater? Or is she simply one more person to figure out that JY is a fraud and a creep? JY – I know you read Meow Mix. We’re not transphobic. We just don’t like the shit you do. You’re a fake in every way.

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