Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s “Civil Defamation” Paper: Plagiarized, Padded, Poorly Written

You guys saw our previous post about Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s “research papers” right? Even without fact checking or reviewing the message Yaniv intended to send, it was still worthless. A full third was plagiarized, and what was left was run-on sentences, typos, inconsistent writing, and what I can only describe as emptiness. Nothing Yaniv contributed to the paper was of value. This next one is no different.

Before we go further, it’s worth reminding readers of Yaniv’s history of plagiarism and stealing others work:

  • His TrustedNerd website was full of it, including some “reviews” he claimed to write himself.
  • His resume literally copy/pasted job descriptions and called them skills and was 8 pages long.
  • He’s stolen code from various script writers online and claimed it to be his own.

Of course, there’s even more examples on the library, in the Scams -> Plagiarism folder. Copy pasted emotional, attention-seeking tweets to garner attention, copying Facebook posts of underage girls and posting it as his own thoughts, and more. He even steals material from his idol, Morgane Oger.

As we can see, Yaniv has as many original thoughts as he does brain cells – none.

This paper is no different. You can read the full paper by downloading it below. Our analysis follows. Again, thank you to the same friend of MeowMix for his expert time and work on this project.

[mdocs single-file=”SimpsonJessicaTermPaper-CRIM230-CivilDefamation.pdf”]

“Below average” should be Jon’s motto in life. As you’ll see in the following pictures, his paper is full of errors…like incomplete sentences.

…and unclear, poorly written sentences.

…and improper punctuation.

…did we mention it’s poorly written?

And of course – plagiarism.

Multiple times over.

Our expert found there were too many searched quotes added in, often with words padded by JY to cheat basic plagiarism detection software – like TurnItIn. The important (and not surprising) takeaway from this is that if you look at how much is plagiarized, how much material is simply Google-sourced news bites, and the low quality of JY’s additions, you can see that this isn’t a research paper. It’s evidence that Yaniv knows how to Google material, but it doesn’t show any understanding of the topic being written about. There’s no research or studying involved, and no original thoughts.

In case you were curious, this is the source of much of JY’s material. It’s 30 years old and outdated.

Of course, Yaniv was fighting back online, thinking we’re all trolls. We’re not. Our source for this is an expert, with academic-level software that finds far more than JY’s preferred online plagiarism detection sites.

Yaniv posted one screenshot from TurnItIn, with no evidence of what was actually checked. Ours has been checked through multiple sources, and we posted the actual paper to MeowMix’s library this time, inviting our readers to check it themselves.

As usual, MeowMix’s legal expert friends prove they know far more than JY. I often forget to thank our experts in the field that have contributed over the years – real lawyers, law enforcement, medical experts, criminal researchers, academic experts, etc. Our experts trump JY every day of the week.

Of course, Yaniv is still running his mouth online. He recently posted (stay tuned for the wrapup!) about debating Meghan Murphy once he finishes his Gender Studies Masters in about 40 years. He added this, bragging about getting “100% on assignment after assignment”. First, no you’re not Jon. Second, even if you were, it’s Gender Studies. You’re only doing it for attention and access to young women. Last, in the very minor chance you’re being graded that way, it’s because you’re not part of an actual degree program and you’re taking a la carte courses as a special needs student. You’d get 100% for eating glue, which we all wish you’d do so you’d shut up.

We’ll get our next review posted as soon as we can! I look forward to the comments section. I hope our readers will dissect the actual paper more than we have time to do here.

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