Jessica Yaniv Simpson Wins Civil Resolution Tribunal Claim for $5,000

By default decision, Jessica Yaniv Simpson has won a claim against Expedia Canada for $5,000 through the BC Civil Resolution Tribunal. It is unclear exactly what Yaniv’s claim is for, but Expedia was negligent in responding and Yaniv met the criteria for a default judgement and was awarded his requested amount, which he states if for termination of self-employment contract without cause.

You can read the full decision here. MeowMix has been watching CRT decisions since he was advised to go there several weeks ago.

There is still time for Expedia to file what amounts to an appeal/extension, based on the 11th clause in the decision. I would expect this to happen.

Update: Expedia can request the decision be cancelled. They just need to fill this form out. MeowMix’s legal expert suspects Expedia will say the service was deficient and provide evidence to support that. Yaniv has improperly served parties in the past.

Yaniv also faces the problem of collecting the $5,000. The CRT doesn’t hand it over to him. He has to collect and he must handle that himself without CRT support. He can file for a Small Claims Court judgment, which is what I expect to see next.

After all this, perhaps it’s better to say Yaniv has been awarded $5,000 but has not yet collected it, and there is a very strong chance that Expedia will have it overturned and this will be another loss for serial loser Jon Yaniv.

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