Jessica Yaniv/Simpson Trolls Before Hearing, Amy Eileen Hamm Legal Action Adjourned Indefinitely

This afternoon, the matter between Jessica Yaniv/Jessica Simpson and Amy Eileen Hamm was briefly heard via teleconference. During the morning recess, Yaniv had requested to reduce the time from forty-five minutes to fifteen minutes because of a “2 PM matter”. This would be the Physiotherapy Mediation. Hamm’s lawyer was not opposed to it when the matter was later heard by Judge MacIntosh, when Mr. Linden stated that these matters could be heard in discovery, granted that the history between Hamm and Yaniv is complex.

However, prior to the hearings, when the Registrar went through the attendance list, a woman from the registrar’s office had asked if “Mr. Yaniv” was present. One would not be able to help but snicker, as I for one was expecting Yaniv to lose their composure. However, after a pause, Yaniv said, “It’s Miss Yaniv”. It was later corrected to “Mx. Simpson” on the matter.

Yaniv was logistically disrespectful towards the court with poor electronic communications before making the adjustments to be hard. Yaniv wanted to take an opportunity to “rehash” the history giving “prefix” and “background information” to the case, such as they were a “transgender woman” and a victim of an act of “voyeurism”. From how I heard it, Yaniv seems to explain it that Hamm was now taking photos over the stall where Miriam and “her” were. How can that be? So had the story changed where Yaniv and Miriam were in a closed stall together? Sounds like it to me.

Justice Macintosh, who presided over the matters today, asked to adjourn the matter. Mr. Linden, Hamm’s lawyer, asked to adjourn the matter indefinitely pending discovery. Yaniv still remains self-represented.

Prior to the hearing today, Yaniv took publicly to Snapchat by trolling for sympathy. Yaniv took a selfie with greasy unwashed hair and said, “I have to relive the sexual assault again towards me in two hours in court. Ugh.” This selfie was shared publicly and can be used for further defamation and libel committed by Yaniv towards Hamm.

Jessica Yaniv/Simpson took to Snapchat earlier this morning to troll with this defamatory and libellous response about Amy Eileen Hamm.

No victim acts this way and the story changes every so slightly. You can review the inaccuracies of Yaniv’s claim from our previous timeline of the Hamm allegations by clicking here.

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