Jessica Yaniv Simpson: Serial Loser and Failure

jessica yaniv simpson serial loser

We’ve been calling Jessica Yaniv Simpson a serial loser for a few months now. To most, the reasons are obvious. All Yaniv does is lose. Every facet of his life, if blobs can have facets, has been failure. He’s been a loser at everything he’s tried. Even when he rigs things in his favour, like when he created a contest to bring a woman to Vegas, he loses.

This article was going to go into detail on a few things to highlight his overall loserness but where do you even start? Lawsuits? Crimes? His pedophilia? His career? His activism? I could write a book on this. Maybe even start an entire website…

First thing off the top of my head…Jessica Yaniv Simpson is so desperate to have a woman touch him that he’ll raise hell about having a female police officer search him instead of a male, or he’ll relentlessly harass aestheticians to wax his balls just to feel them in the hands of a woman. He’s literally that guy that invented a story about hiring a hooker and told it to teens so he didn’t look like a virgin. Hell, he was so desperate to get laid that he campaigned for a National Sex Day and STILL failed.

How about those times that he was so desperate for attention that he showed up over a half dozen times at his local Township Council meetings, often wearing ball gowns and a tiara, campaigning for things that clearly made him look like a pedophile, and he thinks this is what normal people call “activism”. He’s literally more useless than the “ueue” in the word queue.

Or, after failing at the BCHRT and in other court ventures, he focused his efforts on Donald Smith, an admittedly troubled person himself, and, after all his lies and his campaign of hate against DFS, he was still defeated and was, in fact, defeated so soundly that the Court invited his opponent to file against him for costs. I’d say maybe this will be the lesson that finally gets through his head but he’s so dense that x-rays couldn’t penetrate that skull.

Did you hear about the time he was so desperate for a win that he sued his own strata? The one he partly owns? The one that is using his money to defend against his lawsuit? Money that should be spent on building maintenance or upgrades? Even if he wins the lawsuit, he loses in the long run. That’s money that the strata could have spent boosting his property value instead.

Or how about that time he told everyone he had a girlfriend? Or a girlfriend? Or a girlfriend? Or a girlfriend? Or a girlfriend? Or a girlfriend? Or a fiancé? Half these women weren’t even real, and the other half had never met him and had no interest in him, but off he went, telling everyone how he had met “the one”. Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, the closest he came to an actual girlfriend was this. In reality, dude’s face looks like Sid from Ice Age if Sid was impersonating Spock with one eyeball an inch higher than the other. Nobody wants that.

How about that time he so desperately wanted to be seen as a trans lesbian woman that he lopped off his own dick and then posted pictures online and said that the bleeding wound between his legs was indistinguishable from a woman’s vagina? I think he confused pus-ey with…never mind.

Need I say more? How about this?

What did we forget? Tell Jonny how much of a loser he is in the comments. Make sure that pedophilic freak of nature knows!

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