Jessica Yaniv Simpson Sept 9 Rumour Mill

It seems that the constant exposure has pushed alleged pedophile Jessica Yaniv Simpson further underground. There are fewer and fewer court dates right now and public sightings are fewer (or at least we’re not hearing about them).

That isn’t to say it’s been all quiet. Here’s a quick rundown of the things we’ve heard (but can’t confirm with 100% certainty). These are just rumours or speculation based on our best known info or on things we’ve been told, but details could be off.

Back to School. A few weeks ago, Jonny posted that he was accepted into UBC, was going to law school, and tagged in Allard Law. This obvious trolling attempt was universally mocked. What we have heard is that he’s been accepted into UBC’s “Access Studies” program, which basically lets everyone come in and take a few courses. You don’t get credits or a diploma.

We then heard that UBC may be a decoy and he’s actually planning to attend UFV, likely taking some legal assist courses.

Whichever way this goes, it’s bound to end poorly for him and great for us. He’ll be scheduled to be in one place, surrounded by the most tech-savvy, social media tied generation in history. You can bet word will spread fast.
Expedia. We reported last month that JY was awarded $5,000 at the BC Civil Resolution Tribunal but that Expedia had an opportunity to appeal it. Unfortunately for humanity, it sounds like Expedia’s lawyer opted to take vacation instead of respond in time (according to a posting on Facebook) and JY may indeed collect on the 5K. Epic fail by that lawyer, if true.
Health. Captain Planet-sized isn’t getting any healthier, at least not based on his recent social media posts. One recent post was inquiring about whether or not he could use his insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor if he goes to prison.
Legal. The summer was catastrophic to his legal ventures, but he seems to have redirected his efforts to the CRT. We’ve heard rumours he’s filed more cases there but there is no confirmation. Data access from the CRT is not as simple as CSO, but it’s coming.

Hamm Lawsuit – BC Supreme Court, awaiting dates.
Rebel Lawsuit – same as above.
RCMP – BC Supreme
RCMP HRT case – see picture in slideshow below where he says he won. He posted this same thing back in April. No idea why he’s reposting it now. Maybe he’s drunk. Or stupid.
Criminal. The Yaniv clans criminal stuff is proceeding slowly.
JY Assault Charges (assault on Keean Bexte) – trial scheduled for Feb 11, 2022.
JY Threats, Mischief (against Chris Elston) – court date set for Sept 17. This is interesting because it was originally scheduled for trial Nov 1/2 and that has been deleted from CSO.
Miriam and Ilana’s charges (for fighting the police) – Miriam and Ilana (or their lawyer) appeared Sept 3. A date has been set for another hearing for both, but interestingly Miriam and Ilana have separate dates. Miriam will appear Sept 24, 2021, and Ilana on October 1.
Creepy Shit. Reports are still coming in but they’re largely unverifiable or uninteresting. Of note, he’s been lurking around friends of Nicole Dunn’s on Facebook, commenting on their looks, pregnancies, outfits, etc.
Morgane Oger. Without getting too much into this creep, because MO could an entire website dedicated to exposing them, there are a couple noteworthy things here. First, MO is trying to get the MeowMix team in trouble with VPD. Swing and a miss. So MO tried to get us in trouble by writing a wall of text on Facebook, complaining that we were chasing MO’s job. Note that in the same post, in the comments section, MO attacked another persons job. Double standards I guess. Lastly, JY tweeted out that he and MO should team up and sue Twitter together. That tweet has since been deleted.
“Service Dog”. Going to ramble a bit here as we have a few things touch on. First, he still swears its a service dog and on 9/11/2021 it was “all over him”. Hint: a trained service dog wouldn’t be “all over you”. Moving on, he had posted to social media his intent to sue anyone that didn’t let him and his service dog in, citing BC Human Rights “law” that states service dogs and service dogs in training couldn’t be denied access. Yaniv thinks he has an ace up his sleeve but this is where he’s wrong.

Yes, it’s true that service dogs and service dogs in training must be allowed access, but the HRT guide and BC’s Guide Dog and Service Dog Act shut that down fast. Here’s how:

First, in the definitions. Yaniv is not a dog trainer, which the Act defines as an “individual who (a) trains dogs for the purpose of the dogs becoming guide dogs or service dogs, and (b) is certified as a dog trainer.”

Second, a “dog-in-training“, which is what Yaniv is arguing he has, is defined as “a dog that is being trained by a dog trainer to become a guide dog or service dog.”

Third, a “dog-in-training team” means “a dog trainer and a dog-in-training that are working together to train the dog-in-training to become a guide dog or service dog“.

Fourth, a “service dog” is defined as a dog that (a) is trained to perform specific tasks to assist a person with a disability, and (b) is certified as a service dog. Note that says “and”. Not “or”.

Fifth, a person and a dog can only be deemed certified as a service dog team if the person holds a valid ID card issued by an accredited or recognized training school. We know exactly who his trainer is. She’s experienced and trained, and even recommended by PADS, but she is not a certified service dog trainer. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (Knowledge Assessed) but lacks the CPDT Skills Assessment certification.

To sum up, neither Yaniv nor his trainer are certified, which means the dog isn’t a “dog in training”, which means it is not eligible to receive the benefits granted to “dogs in training”, which means Yaniv is wrong. Again.

Local business should be warned.

Slideshow. Catch up on the latest random shit he’s posted. Some of this may overlap with our most recent WrapUp.

To sum those pics up, he’s mad, has a crush on Donald, wants to be Morgane Oger, thinks he’s a lawyer and can weigh in on legal matters, is confusing lawsuits with complaints, tried to hijack 9/11 for attention, hates RCMP officer V. Conroy, and doesn’t know the difference between a paralegal and a legal assistant.

Keep watching MeowMix for news and stories.

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