Jessica Yaniv Simpson Re-Files Against Township of Langley, Adds Defendants!

Double header today! Kudos to Jessica Yaniv Simpson for being environmentally friendly. Lord knows a Nissan Kicks really has to chug the gas to haul his big ass to the courthouse!

jessica yaniv simpson vs tol

Earlier we posted that Yaniv filed a suit against his strata. While there, he amended his claim against the Township of Langley to include additional defendants – the City of Vancouver, Ministry of the Attorney General, and the RCMP.

Jonathan paid his $140 service charge for this.

This claim is 21 pages long and best left for you to read. There’s far too many highlights for me to start a list, but my favourite point is whining that jail was uncomfortable and the RCMP won’t answer his bomb threats. What a great thing to read!

Download the file here.

[mdocs single-file=”20210323 – JY vs TOL Amended to add Van AG RCMP Notice of Claim.pdf”]

Enjoy it folks!

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