Jessica Yaniv Simpson in Montreal. GRS?

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MeowMix spy cats have reported that Jessica Yaniv Simpson is staying at a Holiday Inn property near the GRS clinic in Montreal, QC. This aligns with information reported on Twitter late last year suggesting that Yaniv was scheduled for a gender reassignment surgery around this time. Could it be true?

First off, until I have photos or actual evidence, all of this is hearsay, but I do trust my sources. It could be that Yaniv is in Montreal for any number of reasons, like a consult, or another drunken livestream.

There’s also the fact that Yaniv is morbidly obese. He’s made height claims ranging from 5’7″ to 6’1″, although the most widely accepted height seems to be 5’11”. I say this because the GRS website says that a BMI under 25 is preferred. At this height, Yaniv’s weight should not exceed 179 lbs.

Yaniv confirmed his weight to be 125 kilograms in spring, 2019. That’s 275 lbs, and he has visibly gained lots since then. I would estimate he’d 300, on the low side, giving him a BMI of 41.8. I’ve heard that the GRS clinic will make accommodations for a BMI over 25 but a BMI of nearly 42 surely has to pose a major health risk.

If we set that aside, we have to factor in Yaniv’s other recent medical history. In the last 6 months of 2020 alone he’s made the following claims (or information has surfaced in his chats and court records):

  • herniated discs (plural).
  • breathing problems.
  • wears two wrist braces.
  • chronic depression.
  • suicidal tendencies.
  • extreme hip pain and “fused” hip.
  • intense pain from a car accident, requiring injectable painkillers.
  • developmental and neurological conditions.
  • severe whiplash.
  • anxiety.
  • severe PTSD.
  • diabetic.
  • brain tumour.
  • complains his blood doesn’t clot well and he can’t stop bleeding.

This information and more can be found in the Yaniv Medical File.

It seems unlikely that a surgeon would be willing to perform this procedure on a person with the above issues.

We also know Miriam doesn’t support the GRS. During the Sara phase, Miriam told her that the GRS was too risky and she begged Sara to talk him out of it. It’s noteworthy that Miriam was not spotted with him in Montreal, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t there.

So, we know he’s there, but we don’t know why. There are other options. He could be at the clinic uninvited. Maybe he showed up hoping they’d give him some sort of consult for being there. It could be for a number of other surgical procedures the clinic offers. Or, it could be for GRS.

Personally, I hope it is. The sooner this monster lops off his nuts the better. Yes, Yaniv will use this to manipulate people, and Yaniv will likely go after more salons and catfish more people. Yes, Yaniv will probably start calling himself a “cis” woman (I hate that term too..). Yes, Yaniv will find ways to abuse this. But all of the above is better knowing that he’s doing with nothing left in his pants.

If anyone has more information about Yaniv in Montreal, please leave a tip using the Submit a Tip link.

Local to Montreal? Get a picture or video of Yaniv at the clinic and MeowMix will send you a mug or t-shirt in exchange for exclusive rights to post it!

Reminder: Everyone else at the facility is completely innocent and uninvolved. Please do not harass anyone at the clinic or Holiday Inn. Yaniv is fair game. This is what happens when you try to molest children and sexually assault women.

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