Jessica Yaniv Simpson Gone Quiet?

jessica yaniv simpson

Where, oh where, is jumbo JY. Where, oh where could it beeeee? And why is Jessica Yaniv Simpson so quiet lately? Time for a multi-platform update blitz!

This is a bit of overlap with our epic Monthly WrapUps, which, if you haven’t seen, you really should check out, but also a look ahead. If you’ve been scratching your head wondering where he is, this should help.

It’s worth pointing out that it’s unlikely that Yaniv has suddenly turned good. There’s not a good atom in his body. He’s pure trash. What’s more likely is that he’s gone deeper. He’s lurking on Facebook’s dating pages and Omegle still, but it’s harder to find. The good news is that this stuff always gets exposed eventually.

So, to answer the question “Where’s Jonny?”…..

Court – It’s a relatively quiet period right now. His hearings earlier this month – and the one next week – are to confirm trial dates. June is when the real fun begins – trials and hearings for costs for DFS. Watch his lawsuit against ToL for changes. It’s most likely to change in the short term.
Instagram – he’s pretty quiet there. Watch his main account and his alt “Jessicas.Simpson”. We’re sure there are more but who knows.
Facebook – not much. Just sharing a dull tech article from Forbes.
Twitter – this one is funny to me. His account remains locked. He’s still lurking on several alt accounts, we’re sure, and people are still being reported, despite having him blocked, but he’s hiding now. So much for brave…
TikTok – he’s still adding the odd random person but his #TikTokStalking seems to have slowed down. What’s most likely is that he’s doing it on another account with a fake name. There’s a zero percent chance that he’s stopped creeping on all the underage girls on that platform.
LinkedIn – he’s sure trying here. I’m sensing desperation. He wants so badly to build his name up as a serious marketing person. He’s actively sharing content from others, he’s applying for jobs, he’s trying to contact businesses to tell them how wonderfully qualified he is, and he posted a bunch of basically meaningless certificates that say he completed petty online “courses” or tests.
Mangina – He’s gone largely quiet about this. We know he was spotted at the Vancouver General Hospital in recent weeks but that’s about it. No new pictures on social media, thank goodness.
Miriam – she’s basically a ghost and has been since the Saraleaks. Perhaps those were humiliating for her? Hopefully. She deserved it as much as Jon did. Her Twitter account is silent. We know Jon’s car has been spotted at her house – he drives from his condo to her condo (across the street from each other). Ditto for Ilana…all quiet.
Birthday – pedopuffs birthday is next month. Another Olive Garden dinner where Miriam begs the neighbours to come is unlikely. Expect the pedophile to spend it alone, the way he deserves.
MeowMix News – the team is enjoying the lull but we know there’s more drama on the way. Several side projects are being worked on, and we’ve upgrade our Fundrazr campaign. If anyone wants to start a crowdfunding venture of any kind I STRONGLY recommend Fundrazr. Their support team is amazing!

The most we can really gather from all of this is that Jonathan Yaniv is not well, and that’s great! He’s starting to worry about money and work. His mom is in hiding. He’s lost his power on social media. He’s getting his ass handed to him in court every time he turns around.

Honestly folks, this is all because of you guys coming together and standing up against him. This same article last year would be pages long. Now it’s basically pointing and laughing at him.

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