Jessica Yaniv Simpson Attacks Another Salon

Anyone else not at all surprised? Just shy of his third month GRS anniversary, serial predator Jessica Yaniv Simpson decided it was time to get it waxed. What a fun way to celebrate!

Except, Yaniv has built a reputation now and salons know who he is and they’re building legal defenses to deny him service, which is exactly what happened April 7, 2021, at Foxy Box in Port Coquitlam.

Todays post will be short mostly because I’m working from a different location and pressed for time, but here’s the deets:

  • JY booked a wax appointment.
  • JY was denied service.
  • JY ranted on Facebook that the salon lied to him about the reasons and he just knows it was transphobia.
  • He left a bad review of the salon.
  • Dozens of people commented on his review and countered his hate campaign with positive comments and reviews.
  • JY angrily told people to fuck off when they commented that he was using taxpayer money to pay for luxury services.
  • JY’s review has been deleted.
  • The association that made the first poster is making a business-friendly version of it to warn community businesses about JY and provide resources so they can protect themselves from his predatory ways.
  • His complaint includes his typical key words, indicating he may be preparing a legal case of some kind – “bona fide” (he misspelled it bonafied because he’s a moron), “reasonable justification”, and “undue hardship”.
  • You can do your part to support the salon by leaving praise or reviews here. Best not to mention JY in your comments. Just positivity.
  • You can also do your part by sharing the poster in PDF or jpeg format, or posting them around your community if you live in the area.

ATTENTION LOCAL AESTHETICIANS AND SALONS, AND EVERYONE THAT ATTENDS ONE: Everyone needs to be aware that Yaniv is doing this and looking for someone to say the wrong thing so he can profit. Talk to your franchise or store owners, managers, and legal reps. Everyone should be prepared for him to walk in your front door tomorrow.

There’s more details coming in but this is the quick version. I’ll update more when I can. Lastly, MeowMix has been in contact with the salon and their head office and provided important information for their legal team.

jessica yaniv simpson

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