Jessica Yaniv Simpson Petitions to Cancel RCMP, Miriam Doxxes Her Friends

It’s like these two clowns are searching for new ways to look stupid.

Following Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s hilarious publishing of 130 pages of his private medical records online, and then posting his own passport application with the private information of him, himself, and two “friends”, Miriam Yaniv has stuck her foot into the shit and exposed everyone she’s ever exchanged an email with.

Let’s back up. Yesterday, February 8, 2021, Yaniv reached out for community support by starting a petition to have Langley RCMP canceled and a municipal force brought in (think Vancouver PD vs RCMP…same idea).

jessica yaniv simpson

Yaniv’s entire tirade is written from a position of desperation and impotence. He is finally realizing that they will no longer be catering to his every demand and the reality is that this is exactly what the general public has been wanting for years.

Yaniv then attacks the Safe Place initiative, saying “most LGBTQ2SIA+ members despise” it. A quick Google search shows that may not be accurate. The Safe Place program has expanded across BC and seems to be welcome in every community I looked at.

The RCMP also have a strong history of supporting the LGBTQ community and promoting equality. In fact, Yaniv himself was the recipient of preferential treatment from RCMP for his claims of being part of the LGBTQ community.

I admit my search was brief, but I was unable to find a single negative Google result about the RCMP Safe Place initiative. On the other hand, many Anti-LGBTQ groups have condemned the RCMP for their pro-LGBTQ stance, even attacking things such as hanging a Pride Flag or participating in parades.

At the time of writing, 22 people have signed Yaniv’s petition, but you could tell from the comments they were all troll signatures. Almost all of them reference Yaniv’s various misdeeds. Except one – Miriam. She, or JY wearing her skin suit, signed the petition around 11:30 PM PST Feb 8, 2021.

miriam yaniv
Petition comment, apparently from Miriam Yaniv.

Then, she thought it would be a great idea to share it with everyone. Several people woke up this morning to an email from Miriam Yaniv with the petition link – and you could see over 60 email addresses for friends and acquaintances she had cc’d. Some even appear to be family.

The funny part is the only reason that our source received this is because they sent a troll email to Miriam some time ago. That means Miriam saved the contact info. I wonder how many other email addresses shown here are trolls, and I wonder how many people will forward the message or reply-all with different comments.

Someone took the chance to “reply all” back!

Miriam replied to this message with another “reply all”, and her message is about what you would expect.

Someone replied with this:

And Miriam replied with this double whammy.

So apparently Langley is a far right terrorist community and the Yaniv’s are model citizens. My bad.

Usually I hate email chains but this is one I wish I could be a part of. That’ll teach her to spam everyone with her screwed up kids’ ideas.

MeowMix is not going to publish the email address list.

PS…Ilana…reply all if you’re in danger!

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