Jessica Yaniv Simpson: Arianna Superleak 2: Mommy Fetish, Corporate Tax Fraud, and Dilating.

jessica yaniv simpson

More leaked chats from Arianna. If you missed part 1, check it out here. Today’s leaks – 40 more pics – go into more awful sex talk, some creepy fetishes, masturbating in more than one way, and fraud via his business. TL:DR? Jessica Yaniv Simpson is a creep and a con artist, but at least he’s forever alone, too.

What a leech on society…too useless to save up money so he bitches that the government won’t fund his boob job.

Silver nitrate? Abandoned by Brassard? Double ouch!

Like a virgin…touched for the never-ever-time.

Don’t worry, that isn’t where Arianna actually lives. Her last name is in one of these chats too. It’s unredacted because it isn’t real.

Creep watches sooooo much porn.

He’s really obsessed with insertion.

And he wants to be fucked doggy style? This is what he thinks real lesbians are like?

Wait what? Didn’t he say something similar to Sara? About pretending to be a baby and being fed?

I heard a rumour there is a leak coming on KiwiFarms later with the audio missing from the above screenshots.

These screenshots show a conversation from BEFORE his clit fell off.

The way he avoids talking about his lawsuits tells me he’s embarrassed or ashamed of them on some level. People that are proud of their activism and beliefs don’t shy away from talking about them. He likely isn’t aware of it, but I think at a deeper consciousness level Yaniv knows he’s a con artist.

A family “girl”. Not a woman. Not a person. A “girl”.

This made me laugh out loud! His biggest claim to marketing fame is NY Grill? Still? A place that fired him years ago? A place where he accused the owner of sexually assaulting him? And he doesn’t even check to see if the website is still running before he brags about it? What a complete failure! He has nothing more recent to show anyone.

A celeb? Fame? Popular? Jon, famous, popular celebrities don’t need their moms to attempt to bribe (and fail at it) people to come to their birthdays. They aren’t 34 year old virgins that have never kissed anyone. They have friends. You’re well known, sure, but it’s because you’re a pedophile. You’re reviled, not popular. You’re hated, not famous. You’re a known criminal, not a celeb.

Doesn’t have a weapons charge? Not on probation? These screenshots are from February 2021, when he was still on probation. His application to shorten his probation was dismissed.

No one ever gives me a chance”. Because you’re literally unlovable Jon. There’s not one redeeming quality about you. NONE.

Notice how he calls himself a girl? And the wheelchair comment? Reminds me of a time he tweeted that someone on Twitter shouldn’t be afraid of a “5’11” girl”, as if 5’11” is small. Jon, you’re a 400 lb, 6’1″ blob. That’s all. look in the mirror.

Where’s the evidence of Jon being shoved around? I’ve never seen a video or heard of this happening. Jon ALWAYS has cameras. He wears a bodycam. Where’s the proof?

I’m dialating so hard to type”. Idiot.

Technical waterfall audits? Hmmm. Any experts want to weigh in on this?

So he lies on court documents? Pays himself minimum taxable benefits? Pretty shady, especially when he claims all kinds of government handouts. What’s more likely is that Yaniv is broke as fuck and desperately wanted this woman to think he wasn’t/

I just cannot afford to sue other idiots in the court system”.

If you have to tell people you’re the sweetest person ever, you’re not the sweetest person ever.

This was the day Yaniv went to court and had the panic button alarm siren and the security guard.

There’s SO much to unpack here that I couldn’t even start. Waterfall audits? Hiding money in a corporation but chooses to dress like a bum? The awful sex talk? Baby/incest fetish? Yikes! What do you think guys? Leave a comment below.

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