Fraud Alert: Miriam Yaniv Launches Personal Injury Lawsuits

miriam yaniv

Miriam Yaniv (sure…) has filed dual lawsuits in the Vancouver, BC Supreme Court, claiming to be suffering a long list of injuries that she alleges were caused in a February 2021 motor vehicle collision. As with previous Supreme Court complaints filed by the Yaniv’s, she is seeking general damages, special damages, costs, etc.

It’s important to point out that this was most likely orchestrated by Jon Yaniv, but the documents were prepared by a personal injury lawyer, Veronica Medved – the same one Yaniv used for his personal injury claim some time ago.

Most of the claim, which you can read below, is boring boilerplate injury law copypasta. What is interesting, however, is this part.

Miriam Yaniv seeking sympathy by claiming to be a nursing unit clerk? She was – briefly – a clerk at a hospital several years ago but that’s far in the past. Miriam is retired, collecting a pension, which was even discussed in criminal court February 6, 2023 – YESTERDAY. Note that the “address” shown is the law firm address.

MeowMix does not have details on the collision but I recall an incident some time ago where Miriam’s car somehow ended up on a cement divider. Could this be that incident?

It’s also interesting – and obviously fraudulent – that the Yaniv’s waited this long to file.

There is more to this coming. “Miriam” also filed a lawsuit against ICBC and those documents are coming soon. We’ll see if the matters are related.

Last note – it doesn’t appear as if the Jaywants have been served yet, or at the very least a certificate of service has not been filed.

Read the full file here.

[mdocs single-file=”20230203 Miriam Yaniv vs Jaywant Notice of Claim.pdf”]

ICBC Lawsuit Update

Miriam Yaniv’s lawsuit against ICBC is below. Looks like she’s trying to sneak this in two weeks before BC’s Limitation Act would squash it. For the most part, this file is the same as the above.

[mdocs single-file=”20230203 Miriam Yaniv vs ICBC Notice of Claim.pdf”]


For reasons unknown, “Miriam Yaniv” has refiled the same lawsuit against the Jaywant couple. The document below was filed Feb 14. The one above was filed Feb 3. There are very minor changes. The original document says Lisa Jaywant was the owner and operator of the vehicle involved in the collision, while the amended document says Lisa was the owner and Josh Jaywant was the operator.

Another change on page 3 – adding “and each of them for” after “The Plaintiff claims against the Defendants”. Added this on page 4 too.

Page 3 – removed “Health care costs pursuant to the Health Care Cost Recovery Act” in the new filing.

Page 4 – added “Motor Vehicle Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 318, and amendments thereto (the “Act”). Previously it said “the Act”.

Page 5 – removed “p. Failing to yield the right of way to the vehicle operated by the Plaintiff contrary to s. 175(1) of the Act, q. Failing to stop at a stop sign, contrary to s. 186″.

Page 6 – removed “The Plaintiff is a beneficiary as defined in section . 1 of the Health Care Costs Recovery Act, R.S.B.C. c. 27 (the “HCCRA”), and has received one or more health care services as defined in s. 2(1) of the HCCRA, and has an obligation to claim for the health care services both past and in the future attributed to, in whole, or in part, by the Defendants, pursuant to s.3 of the HCCRA, and without restricting the generality of the foregoing, the Plaintiff specifically pleads and relies upon the HCCRA and amendments thereto and any subsequent enactments that may apply..”

[mdocs single-file=”20230214 Miriam Yaniv vs Jaywant Notice of Claim Re-File.pdf”]

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