Donald Smith’s Bogus Charges STAYED, Jessica Yaniv Responds Angrily to Failed Malicious Prosecution

It is a good day for Donald Francis Smith and another very bad day for Jessica Yaniv (aka Jonathan Yaniv aka Jessica Simpson).

It’s official! Donald Francis Smith is a free man! Donald’s charges issued by Surrey RCMP and Langley RCMP over the December 3, 5 and 10, 2019 allegations have been stayed by the BC Prosecution Service. A Stay of Proceedings (SOP) was issued on the BC Court Services Online (CSO) yesterday and the news announced today. However, rarely does the crown revisit these and Donald has essentially a year unless new evidence arises.

Stay of Proceedings as of September 02, 2020 that Donald Francis Smith’s charges are stayed.

It was just a little more than eight months ago wheb Donald was walking peacefully down his street when the Vancouver Police Department pulled up and picked him up arresting him without even stating what he was charged for. Allegedly a month later, Donald found out it was for an alleged breach after Yaniv claims Smith wrote an email amounting to a breach of conditions. When appearing before a judge and a crown prosecutor the following day, it was evident that Yaniv was manufacturing a number of conditions. Donald has significant difficulty managing life with these, such as not being allowed to live stream, during Lockdown when everyone was cooped up looking for things to pass the time.

Where the breach of conditions are concerned, Donald never wrote that alleged email. When that very email was presented to me, I reviewed my phone records and determined that I was on the phone with him that day. I don’t believe he did it given his motor skills being out and about, he simply cannot focus on the count of his autism. Especially More so with the previous knowledge I had about Yaniv setting Smith up via email. Yaniv manufactured that email to try and silence Smith by trying to make Smith seem “proud”, a very word that was highlighted in Yaniv’s later Victim Impact Statement.

So where did Yaniv go wrong in the entire process of maliciously prosecuting Smith?

For starters, Yaniv isn’t very bright. We all know that, but has time narcissism and sociopathic tendencies to put in effort, but terrible at legal research, to use the law as a weapon as evidenced repeatedly in court documents. There are Yaniv’s “regurgitated claims” against Donald Smith that Yaniv has used against Anna Slatz, Amy Eileen Hamm and Meancingcrow. It makes it difficult to rely on Yaniv as trustworthy when “everyone” seems to be staking them at the PNE and making 50-100 calls a day.

Donald was warned of Yaniv trying to set him up by email, which I have documented on November 15, 2019. Donald was shown the screenshots of alleged emails I received from my intel were almost were written verbatim to the ones on December 10, 2019. Donald knew that Yaniv was up to no good.

Unfortunately, like Yaniv gambling for love on the HER app, Yaniv was able to deceive one officer by only providing a paper copy to Constable Safi Sharar of Langley RCMP. Sharar’s own documentation on the incident was conflicting and even telling me he’s reviewed an electronic copy, which wasn’t the case. Sharar claimed to me, in person, that the evidence was “strong”, yet submitted to the fact when I questioned him on forsenics of the electronic copy, it the “over [his] head}.

Why didn’t Sharar take a video recording of some sort? Why didn’t Yaniv want to submit the alleged original to RCMP? Answer: it was clearly a manufactured and fraudulent copy on paper only. Yaniv failed to get Smith’s signature line correct (like with the previous attempts) and some nomenclature in the email I believe was edited in an application like Adobe Acrobat, as I was nearly able to produce a cloned copy myself to the one Yaniv made. I will provide a rundown of this in a later article.

Also, the propensity of repeated claims against Smith to multiple law enforcement agencies when Smith had solid alibiS become another red herring on Yaniv’s motives. We’ve heard the story of the boy who identifies as a girl and cries wolf, right? All local law enforcement caught on with the vexatious and frivolous claims, including these exaggerated and absurd allegations like “bomb threats” and “snipers”. In the very same timeframe, Yaniv didn’t sure act like a victim.

Furthermore, any true victim of crime wouldn’t be using the legal system repeatedly to punish their alleged perpetrator before justice is even served! It became clearer and clearer that this

Yaniv’s victim “narrative schtick” grew tiresome even with law enforcement as the evidence grew. When I worked with Constable Bernard Lapointe of Surrey RCMP, he learned a lot about the history preceding this. Lapointe, as I understand, did try to go to the crown and have Yaniv charged with death threats towards Smith, which the crown, influenced by Yaniv at the time, as evidenced recently by a judge, asked, “How do we know that’s Yaniv’s voice on tape?” Lapointe walked in without the number of admissions Yaniv has made, or even interviewing Yaniv on the death threats toward Smith.

Yaniv also took my bait and harassed me believing they likely had Smith’s number. The result: it’s all admissible. On April 30, 2020, when I recorded the call and approached Yaniv by phone for harassing me, Yaniv called 911 and accused me of being Smith. Furthermore, Yaniv triggered two e-comm services when I was disconnected, for Langley and the local one here in Nova Scotia. Langley RCMP are well aware when Yaniv is given the opportunity to harass Smith with conditions, Yaniv will go to entrap Smith. Yaniv left too much evidence in the wake, as well as

Everyone sees through Langley’s alleged child and serial predator. For someone with no allies than their crazy mother, snotty teenager and a handful of trolls, Yaniv must be scared the day law enforcement will charge . If probation and/or conditions are issued for the weapons possession, it could trigger big trouble for Yaniv now.

Even today, when Smith took to his first live stream in eight months since his conditions are lifted. Smith’s comments are, “I am a free man.”

Yaniv came in and threatened Donald with an “Administration Review of Crown”. Furthermore, it’s on record Yaniv was influencing crown counsel, who now can see Yaniv made a number of lies that are caught simply on Yaniv’s other court documents. Crown was recently told by a judge this case doesn’t warrant resources and that they have discretion, not Yaniv, leading to suspicions Yaniv may allegedly have a direct line to the crown prosecutor.

Yaniv then takes to SnapChat and tries to make inferences against Donald. Everyone else sees that Yaniv is the only person in the room whose a “harasser and abuser of women [and little girls].” Yaniv blames “court resources”, which is untrue, as up to two weeks ago, the crown was prepared to go all-in against Donald. The crown sees they’ve wasted court resources because of Yaniv and the wool has been pulled over their eyes, especially on a case where law enforcement failed and should have put both Donald and Yaniv on peace bonds last November. No offense to Donald here, which he knows, but this could have created the “first person shooter” to whom breaches gets charged, which I would have bet on Yaniv if that occurred.

Now, the Meow Mix theme going forward is #ticktockYaniv since it’s known Yaniv’s time is running out.

A sneak preview of Rick and Morty Mind Blowers!

To finish off, hopefully over the next few days, I can host my own edition of Rick and Morty Mind Blowers. If you’re not a fan of the sci-fi cartoon comedy, all you need to know is that prepare to have your mind blown and your insides hurting from laughter! We promise not to be erasing your memory after seeing it!

Once we are given the green light to release it, we hope to provide You a play-by-play of Jessica Yaniv’s VICTIM IMPACT STATEMENT!

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