Donald Francis Smith BEATS Vexatious Litigant and Serial Predator Jessica Yaniv Simpson in Court (Yet Again)

Time to hashtag #DFSwinning as things are going south fast for Jessica Yaniv / Jessica Simpson with the plethora of vexatious and frivolous court applications in British Columbia brought to repeatedly subdue, harass and antagonist their enemies whose actions are continually reprehensible and remarkably wasteful, in my opinion.

Today, Donald Francis Smith, once again defeated Yaniv (Simpson) in court with another victory (File # 86323). We appreciate that this judge had sensibility and can clearly see Yaniv was using this application to harass, intimidate and subdue Smith, who is an intellectually disabled citizen reporter.

The application regarded the September 16/17, 2020, Surrey small claims court case application. Yaniv sought to have both Kari Simpson and Donald Francis Smith ordered by a judge to be arrested immediately for “contempt of court” against Judge Gerry Cohen’s September 09, 2020 court order that says Simpson is not allowed to advocate on behalf of Smith.

At the onset of the call, Yaniv tried to negatively portray Simpson referring to her as “extremely aggressive” towards “her”/”them” and Simpson is allegedly “anti-LGBTQ and anti-SOGI-123” by attempting to “trick the courts”. Yaniv also used the words repeatedly as “false and defamatory”, as well as had the gull to whine about the cost of $35 to complete this transaction.

Yaniv has been clearly abusing the scarce resources of the small claims court to rehash the same allegations in other parallel forums, such as the ongoing BC Supreme Court case against Smith in Vancouver case that preceded the onset of this one.

Smith remained calm and composed, as well as articulating his rights, which the judge respected, as Yaniv continually interrupted both Smith and the judge repeatedly before Yaniv was scolded for being continually “disrespectful”. The judge clearly saw this application as 37-pages of non-sense and was not going to entertain this application any further.

The judge clearly distinguishes that receiving mail at an address to assist someone with a disability due to their disorganization is a fundamental right of accommodation and is unilaterally different than someone advocating, in court, on behalf of someone else when a court order is in place not to do so. Yaniv didn’t clearly accept the distinguishing of these two abstract concepts.

Yaniv looked like a goofball throughout the proceeding and the claim was deemed vexatious and frivolous to have Smith use a different address and an order for the arrest of both Smith and Simpson for contempt of court when there is a reasonable system to escalate these things before taking drastic matters. This was a small win for Smith, but there’s still a number of applications and hurdles, as Yaniv continues to use the courts as an instrumentation of harassment in this continuing campaign against Smith.

Smith has already beat Yaniv in presenting evidence that the bogus charges stayed by the courts last month, as it is readily clear to law enforcement that Yaniv has continually manufactured conditions behind Smith’s previous arrest and breach, as well as clear making vexatious and frivolous complaints to Langley RCMP on a nearly daily basis such as claims of “bomb threats”.

Yaniv become increasingly agitated and defensive; however, didn’t seem to deny Smith’s positions entirely outright. The morale of the story for the “sheep who cried wolf” was clearly apparent. Hopefully the next proceeding will have this small claims case dismissed, which Smith will hopefully receive a modest costs award against Yaniv for the injury to dignity amongst other damages for Yaniv’s ability to abuse the legal system to harass him.

In summary, Smith represented himself by remaining calm and composed, even identifying that court transcripts clearly show Yaniv is committing perjury, which Yaniv could not help to continue being disrespectful with several interruptions. Smith presented that Yaniv manufactured evidence to Langley RCMP last December who have an ongoing investigation, especially as sources indicate Yaniv refused to have their computer investigated by RCMP for veracity of the email. Again, we reasonable ask, if Donald had truly sent this alleged email as Yaniv claimed, why would Yaniv refuse to allow RCMP to look at Yaniv’s computer, as it would be the crux of “forensic evidence”? It is because a single RCMP officer failed to do his due diligence resulting in a win for Yaniv, but Yaniv never expected the blowback like this.

It appears following another defeat, Yaniv was already lashing out on Twitter threatening to sue others for discrimination about being called out about their faux disabilities. Yet, the judge defended Smith’s position that he’s entitled to accommodated as he’s clearly disabled and requires assistance. Furthermore, we add that Smith needs a secure mailing address, as his building is a SRO in Downtown Vancouver with a high-crime rate within it and the vicinity, which shows his alibi checks out.

Sadly, we’re probably still a long ways off to the BC courts saying “your litigation is frivolous and vexatious, being without merit with the intention to harass your foes and so disproportionate to the material matters/issues as it amounts to an abuse of process” to Yaniv’s growing and substantial number of legal appearances and applications. Let us all hope Yaniv receives more inevitable losses on October 15, 2020, as we need some finality to all this vexatious litigation!

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