Defamatory, Libelous, Scandalous Accusations Made by Jessica Yaniv Simpson Against Funk

Classic projection. That’s what this filing by Jessica Yaniv Simpson is. 100% pure, unadulterated projection.

The document really needs to speak for itself, but Jessica Yaniv Simpson, a creep that blasted pornography across a courtroom Teams meeting, a pervert that bragged about watching porn via Google Glass, and a pedophile that stalks girls as young as 8 years old (including on Tiktok!!) is accusing Gerald Funk of all of the same things.

The applications below seek the following orders:

  • That Gina Goddard be banned from supporting Gerald Funk in court.
  • That Sherriff Services be present at all hearings to enforce JY’s demands.
  • That nobody – except Jessica Yaniv – be allowed to use their mobile phones during court.
  • That nobody access pornography during court.
  • That costs be awarded to Jessica Yaniv and his mother Miriam Yaniv because they witnessed Funk allegedly accessing porn during court.
  • That publication of any facts, comments, or materials related to this small claims matter be prohibited.

What follows is a 10-page rant that alleging Funk is a pedophile, Gina is practicing law, that JY is a sexual assault victim who was further traumatized by Funk allegedly watching porn, and that MeowMix is an anti-trans site that attacks the LGBTQ community to perpetuate hateful stereotypes. It goes on to state that MeowMix is directly responsible for bomb threats against Yaniv and his family. Funnily enough, Yaniv didn’t have the guts to name the site. He refers to it repeatedly as MM.

Yaniv’s diatribe goes on to say that Gina has secretly hidden cameras to spy on him through her windows – despite the fact that Yaniv has secretly placed cameras to spy on people through his own windows.

He adds that Gina, who he calls a contributor to MeowMix, and the MeowMix team, track his daily movements. If tracking wasn’t enough, he adds that Gina has literally tried to murder both him and his mom by speeding her car towards him.

Lastly, in a second application, Yaniv demands that the court force Funk to file a Certificate of Readiness and proceed to a settlement conference.

Every one of Yaniv’s claims is baseless, completely unsupported by evidence, and driven entirely by his own anger and wrath towards Funk and Gina – and MeowMix.

Prediction: Dismissal. Yaniv is asking the court to protect him while leaving out the fact that he’s been charged with assaulting Funk and other criminal charges that affected Gina. The Court doesn’t have the authority to grant some of these claims, and Yaniv offers no evidence to support any of his allegations.

The document images and PDF are below. What it is evidence of is that Jon is MAD. At Gina, at Funk, at MeowMix. He knows he’s a pedophile, he knows he uses his phone to text and Snapchat during court, he knows he watches TikTok and porn all day, every day. He knows he’s tried to lure underage girls to meet him. And he’s trying to hide it behind the trans card.

For the millionth time, the fact that JY identifies as transgender is not up for debate on this site and should not be up for debate anywhere. He can identify any way he wants. What is up for discussion is whether he has abused the trans rights movement for personal gain, and his actions and statements towards girls, women, and people of colour, not to mention his ongoing violent tendencies. Jon wants the court to ignore all those factors, and pretend he’s an innocent transgender woman. That isn’t reality. MeowMix exists because Jon Yaniv is a predator, a bully, an accused criminal that invited the public spotlight and study, and an alleged pedophile, and, just like the BC Supreme Court stated about Jon Yaniv specifically, those things are all in the public interest.

What is also in the public interest is that Yaniv is now slandering an elderly man – the same man that he is being charged with assaulting. Yaniv has no proof, and witnesses in the court – including members of the MeowMix team – did not observe Mr. Funk doing ANY of the things Yaniv has accused him off. This is 100% a hit piece – one that I even questioned publishing – but it is in the public record and it’s important to match up every one of Jon’s allegations against his own behaviour to prove they’re false, and that Jon is projecting because he’s mad. As long as it’s allowed by the Court, MeowMix will continue to post the Yaniv story in the public interest.

PS…Jon? A big chunk of the MeowMix team are members of the LGBTQ community. Keep trying to lie though.

[mdocs single-file=”20230216 JY vs Funk Applications to a Judge.pdf”]

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