Jessica Yaniv Simpson Spazzes Over Service Dog & a Community Warning Poster!

jessica yaniv simpson

We posted a few days ago that Jessica Yaniv Simpson was talking tough on Twitter about suing a medical clinic in the Colebrook region of Surrey for discrimination. We’re now able to provide a few more details of what led the spastic flabtastic to his meltdown.

jessica yaniv simpson

According to sources, Jon and his mother were in the waiting room at the medical clinic. His dog was with him, complete with phony “service dog” garb and what some described as a shock collar (although others have said it’s a GPS tracking collar). For unknown reasons, Jon’s dog started barking wildly and pulling on its leash and couldn’t be calmed. The clinic manager tried to get him to calm the dog, and when it wouldn’t, he was asked to leave. Witnesses said the dog sounded like it was in distress but provided no additional details.

Of course this led Jon to have a meltdown. He started spewing that his dog was a service dog and he had the right to have it there. The validity of that was called into question and Yaniv was again asked to leave. Yaniv angrily said he would sue the clinic and left. For a minute.

jessica yaniv simpson

Yaniv then called 911, because of course he did. And then he went back into the clinic to tell everyone he did so. Loudly.

During this time, people in the building and the adjoining businesses could allegedly hear Yaniv shouting at the staff and at his mother, although no details were available other than Yaniv whining to his mom, “but why can’t I have the dog here?“, indicating maybe even Miriam knew her son was a failure right from the fetus stage and that this was nuts.

Eventually the cops came, and ten minutes later left, with Yaniv still outside.

Our sources describe the dog as a very young (too young to be a service dog) chocolate lab, which matches previous descriptions and photos.

Given Yaniv’s history, it is safe to assume that he is looking for opportunities to target businesses that refuse service or ask him to leave for having a fake service dog.

It’s also a sticky situation because Yaniv has a history of animal abuse and there are already allegations that he’s hurt this puppy. If Yaniv realizes the dog act isn’t working how will he react? This is another reason that the public needs to be vigilant, watch him, and report him when abuse is seen.

We encourage our readers to share this information and the Langley Community Watch Association has provided this poster. Please share this image everywhere you can. Businesses need to know about this scam. If you can hang this poster in your community please do so.

[mdocs single-file=”SimpsonCautionDogPoster.pdf”]

Members of the public are encouraged to document all encounters with Yaniv. Report all criminal or suspicious activity to the police. Even the little things matter. They may not result in immediate charges, but they could be used to show a pattern of behaviour. Don’t ignore it.

If you want to report a sighting to MeowMix, email us at You can find other service dog resources on this previously released MeowMix article.

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