Chat Log Dump! Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs Nine Girls

Thanks to The Lone Gunmen, we’re able to provide the most complete chat records between Yaniv and several of the young women that fell victim to his predatory behaviour.

Some of these have probably been read before and maybe not. These are the chat logs (Facebook, Twitter, MSN, texts, etc, all compiled in one PDF, organized as much as possible) between Yaniv and nine of the victims.

Enjoy this light reading material, from oldest to most recent. Look for repeating patterns, and even repeating verbiage. Watch how Yaniv refines some parts of his story from 2008 through 2020, and observe how other things stay the same. He’s always a victim, and always needs the girls to affirm him somehow, but he gets better at manipulating them every year.

First up, a young woman Yaniv chatted with on MSN in 2008.

Next, a girl from 2013, who spoke up to Anna Slatz and others.

Followed by Riley, who chatted with Yaniv off and on from 2013-2018.

And then a two from 2014. First, Jess Rumpel….

….and an unnamed woman we’ve taken to calling “Twittergirl”.

In 2015, Yaniv met Madison, and tried to recruit her nine-year-old sister to help him masturbate.

Continued here – Part Two.

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