Another Waxing Case? How Many More Vexatious and Frivolous Lawsuits Will We See From Jessica Yaniv?

Unsurprisingly, it was inevitable that Jessica (Jonathan) Yaniv would be back on the bandwagon to file more vexatious and frivolous lawsuits. In recent months, it appears since the waxing cases, Yaniv has devoted her resources and spare time to focus on provoking conflict with her current obsession: an economically disadvantaged and intellectually challenged man named Donald Smith; picking fights during a publication ban with religious Christian activist Bill Whatcott to up the ante in her bitter rivalry with politician and LGBTQ+ activist Morgane Oger; and other alleged lawsuits including Eco Chic, a Physiotherapy office and Physio table Manufacturer, and Elections Canada.

Now Jessica is back on the back looking for another payday (but looking likely another $6,000 in improper costs?), in what– the sixteenth or seventeenth human rights complaint against people who don’t want to wax her male genitalia (we’ve lost count like the rest of you!).

Today it was announced that the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) will be representing another salon, She Point Beauty Studio. According to the JCCF’s media release today as followed:

“Yaniv’s new complaint again targets an esthetics salon run by women of immigrant background. She Point Beauty Studio is operated by East Indian women who are adherents to the Sikh religion. Yaniv approached the studio in August 2019 and first requested a Brazilian bikini wax.  The studio refused, stating that their services are only for women. Yaniv then requested leg waxing services. Leg waxing takes place in private with the customer in their underwear or nude from the waist down. She Point Beauty Studio rejected Yaniv’s request for services due to religious, cultural and safety reasons, and because the salon services are specialized to women. Yaniv filed the complaint against She Point Beauty Studio in early October 2019.”

Yaniv, who continually needs to shield and nurture her ego tojustify her actions took to Twitter today with some, but not all screenshots of her conversation with the salon’s manager. According to Yaniv’s screenshots, the conversation took place on October 07, 2019, about two weeks before the waxing verdicts that saw Yaniv manufacturing conditions for financial gain and advance her own agenda.

Yaniv is no stranger to the courts and tribunals in British Columbia infamous for launching a series of vexatious complaints against more than a dozen entrepreneurial and racially marginalized aestheticians to primarily wax the hair around her male genitalia during the climatic five-day hearing at the BC Human Rights Tribunal (BCHRT) this past summer where it was determined Yaniv made all the complaints in bad faith. Although Yaniv was only ordered to pay only $6,000, a claim she says is cost prohibitive given her current financial circumstances alleging that her (already doomed) business was derailed by activism over the case contradicting testimony she was making mid-three figures a day on July 16, 2019- an income that would boast $100,000 per annum at the lower echelon by definition of “mid-three figures per day”.

The British Columbia Ministry of Justice and the regulatory body that regulates the legal profession in British Columbia should take notes at this time– at some future date, there will be a serial of unintended consequences of Jessica Yaniv’s continued vexatious and frivolous litigation of her long list of critics and enemies will become well-documented on the public stage.

It was just announced this week that another known vexatious litigant, Mokua Gichuru, who has filed more than 74 (publicly known) lawsuits in just over a decade has. To date, Gichuru has never been known to pay the costs anyone for the vexatious and frivolous lawsuits he’s lost. Similarly a claim that Yaniv stated they would not pay the women the $6,000 from October’s hearings.

Given that Yaniv weaponizes the BC Human Rights Tribunal and Canada Human Rights Commission continuously claiming discrimination when things don’t go her way, it is hoped that the JCCF will apply for a decision that Yaniv cannot make another BCHRT complaint without applying for leave with the Tribunal and labelled as a vexatious litigant.

Ironically, it appears that Donald Smith’s current BCHRT and civil litigation, as well as a pending complaint emerging today against Yaniv for Retaliation and Reprisal shows the tables are turning for the self-represented vexatious litigant in their pursuit for a quick buck. I am guessing the spirits sampling, mystery shopping, food deliveries for Skip the Dishes, and allegedly entertaining “children” at Playland/PNE for the Aurora Festival, as Yaniv recently claimed, isn’t quite paying the mortgage. Only time will tell what other lawsuits Yaniv will launch or face over the course of 2020!

Our article is devoted to the JCCF and we at Meow Mix will support their efforts to be successful in defeating Yaniv again (like it’s hard to do anyhow!).

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