Abby Joins MeowMix!

abby joins meowmix to fight jessica yaniv

We welcomed her with a punishing first assignment!

Many MeowMix followers know Abby from Twitter and YouTube, where she’s been a victim to Yaniv’s whining and false reports simply for speaking the truth – the truth that Jonathan Yaniv aka Jessica Yaniv wants to cover up by silencing accounts and filing false DMCA complaints.

Abby joins MeowMix

Now that Abby has joined MeowMix, the woman-hating pedophile Yaniv and his mentor Miriam are powerless to silence her.

Of course, with any new posting comes an initiation period. To welcome Abby, I asked her to review and provide commentary on Yaniv’s recent massage video, requiring her to watch it in depth, probably several times. Check out her video below, and visit the Editorials folder on MeowTube to see her other clips!

Your support has helped MeowMix grow to be something that Jonathan Yaniv fears. He can’t silence us. We’re a platform for victims and a strong symbol of strength against everything Yaniv represents. If you like what you see on MeowMix, please consider a small donation by clicking the button below (desktop users on the right).

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