A Letter To JY

The following is an open letter to JY.


The chances that you read this are high so hear me out a bit…

You claim the world hates you and you suffer from an inhumane amount of transphobia. You are not a victim of transphobia. People have a predator phobia Yaniv. A phobia of lies, manipulation, and stalking tactics.

You keep finding new underage females to try to coerce into sex. LOVE and sex are two different things Yaniv, but you see them both as one and the same. I can believe that you crave love. Every human does. But I also believe that you are fixated on sex. It’s not normal Yaniv. You need help.

Don’t you see how your world could go better if you came clean and took responsibility for your wrongs? You cry that the world is not fair to you but are you fair to the young adults and teens you pursue for your kink? Did you once think how you hurt and scare them? Twice now, you have destroyed the first lesbian experiences of young women. Do you grasp how messed up you appear? You come across as rapey.

There is help available to you. You will never be truly happy if you don’t take action yourself. People have offered you help but your own arrogance will cause your downfall.

For so long you’ve used intimidation tactics on others. Now you must think you are invincible with your trans shield. Did you ever think that you were hurting transfolk with your bs? Never?

What I see is a person that hate themselves so freaking much that they created a fake persona to avoid reality. A person whose narcissism blinds them so much that they don’t see how BAD and DERANGED they have truly become. Yaniv, you need help. Leave women and teens alone. It’s creepy.

You’re following the steps of Bill Cosby. You are confusing porn (fiction) and real life. Get a grip. The first steps towards doing better, and being happier, are to see the evil you’re doing now.

I can see how miserable you are. You can pretend to be a princess, putting your tacky tiara on your hay-lookin hair and hiding your dark circles with two inches of pricey makeup on your face, or you can start by saying sorry, going to the police, and telling the truth about everything. I won’t go into detail but you know what you did. It’s gonna be ugly at first but if you come clean now the consequences will be less heavy.

But, knowing you…you’ll pretend nothing happened.

My last words to you are GET HELP. IT’S OK TO ASK FOR HELP.


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