Jessica Yaniv Simpson Taken To Hospital by RCMP; Creeps on Young Girl

jessica yaniv simpson

I really struggled with this headline. “Jessica Yaniv Simpson Creeps On Young Girl After Being Taken To Hospital in Handcuffs and Ankle Cuffs.” “Yaniv Simpson Exposes Hatred Towards POC After Being Taken To Hospital By Gay Police Officer”? Such are the problems of a blogger that tries to keep up with the human version of a skidmark known as Jessica Yaniv. Honestly, the most valuable part of Jonathan Yaniv is the leftover corn that inadvertently-but-probably-intentionally-if-corn-could-move skid marks in his diapers. But I digress…

This past weekend, JY apparently called 911 and claimed to be suicidal. We know this because he was spotted at the local hospital in handcuffs and ankle cuffs being questioned by an RCMP officer. There’s a few things to unwrap here, but I want to take a second to note that they used ankle cuffs. The unmanned hospital trolley cart could out-maneuver JY but they still did him the fuck-you of adding ankle cuffs. That made me smile.

Until I read this part. See, we know this story because a young (21 years) girl spoke up that she saw him in the hospital. She gave us permission to write these details and they expose another layer of the rotten onion. She was in a hospital bed, talking to her boyfriend on the phone. He wasn’t able to be at her side, so she was explaining to him that she was hospitalized because she had a miscarriage and was still bleeding.

Meanwhile, Jessica Yaniv was sitting outside the room being questioned by the RCMP.

jessica yaniv simpson

As if having a miscarriage and being alone in a hospital bed isn’t traumatic enough, now you have a nationally hated pedophile and vaginal-blood-fetishist sitting outside your door staring at you. Not just casually staring, but looking past the RCMP officer questioning him to stare at her.

Of course, feigning suicidal thoughts and eye-raping a young girl doesn’t stop Yaniv from dropping how popular he is on social media and trying to claim he’s a victim of anti-LGBT bias. Unfortunately for JY, the cop was gay and shut him down immediately. I love that everyone knows JY is full of shit.

Our hospital friend also pointed out that Yaniv is clearly a frequent flier in the ER-psych ward. Yaniv was frustrated that his “usual” psych professional wasn’t present to help. That poor girl. I also love that the cops left JY in cuffs for a while. I hope they hurt. I wonder if these are standard procedure…

We asked our friend what the cop was saying.

Yaniv’s answers are below.

I love that the cop called bullshit on him and said it was all for attention.

To sum up…

  • cuffed
  • young girl creeped on while she’s vulnerable and alone
  • fake suicide
  • gay cop calling him out for anti-LGBT claims
  • “the usual” psych nurse
  • car accident lies
  • “look how famous I am” – JY.

Just another day in the life of the Langley Lump. This is why the posters are spreading like wildfire.

But that isn’t all. Yaniv himself is claiming he was suicidal.

He went on to add this whiny rant on Facebook:

So on Saturday I did try to kill myself due to a lot of harassment and defamatory libel that has put a massive amount of stress onto me. It’s primarily one person named “Chris” and another that thinks they’re all that. This person doesn’t have a life. One of these individuals lives in my building and has been putting up extremely defamatory posters around and in my building. This defamation has been going on for quite some time, it doesn’t end. This started from an alt-right “news” (harassing tabloid entertainment site), that made tens of thousands of dollars on me, calling me “fake disabled” and a “fake woman” and “fake trans” Along with tons of other defamatory and libellous statements. These people don’t give up that I’m literally terrified for my safety and I’ve been constantly throwing up. I’ve spent so much money on my bodyguards the past few weeks. When I had my medical appointment in Montréal, I had Montréal police block the roads off next to the clinic . If you think I enjoy this, I truly don’t.

Factual interruption: this “road block” didn’t happen. We have sources that were present. I’ll leave the rest to you guys to debunk in the comments.

Last month I had the cops kick my door in to cause me stress. Then they claim it was an “error in communication” and a “mistake”, but I’m left with a broken door. So much of it has to do with the fact I’m transgender, and that I have a voice. I fight back on what’s wrong and I tackle the key issues that others do not want to even look at or talk about. Yes I’m an extreme leftist.

Fact Check: An extreme leftist that supports Donald Trump and his effort to stop illegal immigration? And fights to extort and deport POC?

When someone does me wrong I fight back with the legal system. I cannot allow people to continue to do me harm. Langley RCMP thinks I enjoy the spotlight and having paparazzis follow me around. I actually hate it. I hate it more than anything. I’m just a simple girl wanting to live a normal life, and I can’t.

Fact Check: Jon, you’re not a girl, but you’re certainly fucking simple.

The amount of stress SI’m under is unreal.

It’s horrible.
I hate it.
I haven’t slept in a month.
And I can’t continue on like this..

Put up or shut up JY. You’ve been making these threats for years. Everyone is tired of your documented suicide obsession and attention-seeking behaviour. You’re a chronic liar, a suicide-baiter, a pedophile, a fake trans loser, a fake disabled lazy fatass, and a serial loser. Be quiet already.

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