Jan 18, 2021 – JYS Social Media Update. TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and Others

If only they cut off the ball on the top of his body instead of the two in the middle…. I guess nothing can keep Jessica Yaniv Simpson from showing his pedophile pride and putting on a show for Facebook, as if anyone still likes him.

Jessica S. Simpson TikTok Stalking

We’ve been highlighting Yaniv’s recent TikTok additions on Twitter lately and, truth be told, for ever girl we tweet about there are 20 more we don’t. They all fit the same profile too – young, Caucasian, slender, long hair, generally “pretty”.

Yaniv historically explained these additions by telling people (such as Sara) that he follows anyone who follows him and he’ll talk to anyone. We made sure to check and none of the girls we highlighted on Twitter follow Jon.

Creepy much?

jessica yaniv simpson tiktok stalk alert

We deleted the first photos from MeowMix and will now make a point to blur info that identifies these girls for their safety, but we left in enough info to see their general appearance, age, etc.

Many of these girls include links to their Snapchat accounts in their bio. Scary to think that Yaniv has surely added them.

The question is: why is 33 year old Jessica Yaniv Simpson adding 12-16 year old girls by the dozen on tiktok? He has no business following them or looking at them.

Let’s assume for a second Yaniv was being honest (LOL NO). Let’s say these girls followed him first. They didn’t, but pretend. Yaniv should have ignored them and not follow back. Maybe even blocked them.

Let’s say Yaniv was telling the truth (I’m literally wheezing laughing) and they messaged him first. After all, Yaniv says he’s friendly and he’ll talk to anyone.

No Jon. You don’t respond to the teen girls. You ignore them. It isn’t ok to chat back at them. You’re still a pedo. It doesn’t matter what the do first. They can throw their underwear at you and beg you for sex and YOU’RE STILL THE PEDO IF YOU DO IT. Your job as an adult in society is to keep yourself away from this, you blubbering blubbery fool. The classic “she started it” line doesn’t cancel out pedophilia. If anything, it makes it worse in some ways.

However, there is some good news. These girls aren’t idiots. They know exactly who Yaniv is.

Jonny’s world is shrinking.

Jessica (LGBTQ) LiveMe

What a stupid, desperate, attention-seeking username…ugh.

I still have roughly two hours of streams to summarize and make notes on. Takes tons of time guys….and Advil. The full files are on MeowTube in the Streams folder, in case you want to suffer.


Jonathan is still chasing Donald Smith. Mr. Smith’s most recent efforts to express free speech on YouTube have been censored by Yaniv’s false DMCA claims.

Yaniv can’t seem to let Donald go. Every time DFS posts something Yaniv complains. Desperation, in my opinion. Yaniv can’t beat anyone else but he has DMCA’s locked down.

@TrustedNerd Twitter

Aww, Fat Jonny Fat Fingered my post and liked it! And that screenshot he posts about the parade – stolen from MeowMix. Thanks for the hits Jonny!

In other news, The Langley Lump is threatening to sue everyone. That’s original.

In the most funny part of the week, Yaniv tried to get witty with BC Ferries on Twitter. Dozens of commenters called him out for his attempt to meet 10 year old girls in the ferry bathrooms to put their tampons in. The best part is that the BC Ferries Twitter account HID Yaniv’s comment but nobody else’s! So much for being an influencer, hey Jon?


Upwork is a social site for freelances and businesses to connect. Yaniv has a hilarious profile there with a fake picture and the worlds worst business resume.

We’ve been in contact with UpWork. His profile is under review, but they did force Yaniv to change his picture, so that’s progress.

Jessica Yaniv Simpson Failbook

Nothing too exciting here, but there are a few noteworthy points:

  • The beauty salon Yaniv is referring to just happens to be right next door to Kari Simpson’s church. Coincidence?
  • The dog Yaniv is referring to died. I’m pretty sure that’s the one he also poisoned with pot and then called the cops to say “someone broke into my apartment full of tech gadgets, fed my dog drugs, stole nothing, and left without a trace of evidence”. Ya, that one.
  • That “Pepper” “robot” was designed by Softbank in 2014. Not sure if there’s a tie to Yaniv here.
  • The parade shown in these pics was for a transgender girl that Yaniv wanted locked up on suicide watch. MeowMix covered that here.

Did we miss any? Submit your screenshots here!

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